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LeChuck is furious......

Go bak to Danjer Cove>
MegaMonkey -- combine the rubber plug with the paste and use it on the hole in the row boat.
Use the row boat to get to the pirate ship and climb up the plank to get on the ship.

Talk to Mr. Fossey, the first mate, and he will make you walk the plank.
After you walk the plank, use the knife on the plank.
Climb back up onto the ship.

Instead of making you walk the plank, they will tar and feather you.

Go back to the chicken shop, Blondebeard will send you back to the pirate ship in a chicken bucket.

Use the ventriloquism book on Captain LeChimp to get everyone off the ship.
Pick up the map on the table.
Open the porthole and leave the boat.

Go back to the theater and walk on stage to see what’s going on.

Go upstairs and pull the lever.
MegaMonkey -- follow the directions from the map and push the buttons in the correct order and then pull the lever.

Walk downstairs and onstage and watch the juggler.
Walk backstage and use the chicken grease on the cannonballs.
Walk onto the stage and use the shovel to get Elaine.

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