Cooking Tips with The Swedish Chef
  Banana NanaNaNa Split
1831kb, 1min 42sec
Chicken Egg Bomb
825kb, 45sec
Chiky in der Basky
926kb, 50sec
  Chocolate Moooose
892kb, 48sec
Fish Chowder
1197kb, 1min 5sec
Frogs Legs
624kb, 34sec
  Hot Doogie
8543kb, 1min 12sec
Hot Spicy Pepper Sauce
2688kb, 1min 15sec
Luumpy Dough
1114kb, 1min
  Meatball Tennis
1652kb, 47sec
Mexican Loobsters
1333kb, 1min 13sec
Moving Spaghetti
2290kb, 56sec
  Rubber Chicken Coconut
363kb, 19sec
Shooting for Salad
1133kb, 1min 1sec
Shooting Mooffins
1634kb, 38sec
  Talking Cake
1434kb, 1min 18sec
4196kb, 42sec
Veddding Cakee
1402kb, 1min 16sec



  Science Fun with Beaker

Beaker and the Electric Hammer
1833kb, 27sec
  Beaker and Bunsonium
2051kb, 24sec
Beaker runs the Generator
2275kb, 41sec
Beaker and the Germ Enlarger
2057kb, 27sec
  Beaker and the Copy Machine
2470kb, 33sec

Beaker and the Banana Sharpener
2542kb, 30sec
Other Muppet Moments
Mahna Mahna
22833kb, 30sec

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