Chapter 2-part 3

Exit the Temple and go to the Market Stalls.

Talk to the Cups Handler and find out about the game and his prizes.

Talk to the Map Merchant, Karek, and ask for the address of “The Rolling Man”.  He will refuse. His delivery boy shows up and gets fired.  Offer to work as a map deliverer, and he will give April a map and a delivery list.
April’s first errand is to deliver a map of the Sea of Songs to Captain Horatio Nebevay at “The White Dragon” in the harbor.

Go to The City Gate.

Go to the Harbor.
Go to the Big Ship.

Give Captain Nebevay the map and he will give April a coin, but refuse to sign the delivery list. He believes that she will be able to do bad things to him if he gives her his signature because he believes it is part of his soul. He says that music can block the “black magic” while he signs the list.

Go back to the City Gates.
To the left of the Gate there is a Music Merchant.  Purchase a flute.
Return to Captain Nebevay and use the list on him again.  April will play the flute and he will sign the delivery list.

Go to the Small Dock.
Talk to the old man, Umber Ianos.

Go back to the Map Merchant and give him the delivery list. He sends April to her next customer, The Rolling Man, Brian Westhouse, to deliver a map of the Ch’angagriel Wasteland.

Go to the City Gate and there will be a new location on the map, The Rolling Man’s house.
Go there and deliver the map.  Look at the delivery list and make sure it is signed.
Talk to Westhouse; he will tell April about his friendship with Cortez and how he ended up in Arcadia.
When April tries to leave, he will give her a watch. He says that Cortez told him that “when his heart starts beating, he would know;  like a message in Morse code, a beacon.”
Look at the watch in inventory, it isn’t working. Use the push pin on the watch and April will open a shift portal to Stark.

April returns to Stark in the alley where Cortez is waiting. He tells April that the Guardian is missing and the Balance is failing, and because she can sense chaos better than others that she is the one who can fix things.  April must:
- find the Stone Disc and use it to get into the Guardian’s Tower
- find the Guardian
- collect the Four Jewels, known as the Eyes of the Dragon, there are 2 in Arcadia and 2 in Stark
- defeat the Vanguard, who are probably holding the Guardian in Stark.
Cortez then tells April to speak with Father Raul at the Hope Street Cathedral tomorrow.

Take the Subway to East Venice.
Go to the Bridges.
Go to the Fringe Cafe.
Talk to Emma and decide whether to watch the show (Royn Dale), or go on the ‘date’ with Zack.

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