Cross Stitch History

Counted cross stitch embroidery
Counted cross stitch is a traditional type of embroidery that can be adapted to either simple or complex designs. Cross stitch embroidery is worked exclusively using the basic cross stitch, although variations of the stitch are also used. Cross stitching can be worked on any fabric suitable for embroidery, but even weaves are the best suited.

Blackwork embroidery
Blackwork is a special category of counted thread embroidery in which a repetitive pattern is used to fill in the design area. It is called blackwork because it is traditionally done using black silk thread on white linen fabric.  Blackwork is believed to have originated in Spain, and became very popular in England during the sixteenth century.

Assisi embroidery
Assisi embroidery is a variation of basic cross stitching in which areas of the design are left open and the background is filled with basic cross stitches.  The technique is named for the town in Italy where it originated.  Traditionally only one color of thread was used, but today's Assisi designs incorporate a variety of colors.

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