Hidden Characters and Quests in Hellfire

There are two new hidden quests and two new characters in Hellfire which were planned to be added in the next expansion pack. To activate them, you must add a file called command.txt to your Hellfire directory. The command.txt file does not actually exist in the Hellfire directory until you add it. It is a file that the developers used to test different features of the game.

You'll get:
Two new quests..the Little Girl (Celia/Theo) Quest and the Jersey's Jersey
New player characters....Bard and Barbarian
New comments from NaKrul when he is released
Multiplayer function

According to what I have been able to find, both the multiplayer and Barbarian work depending on which version of Hellfire you are running.
The Barbarian is only available in Hellfire v1.01, but didn't work in v1.00. Multiplayer is available in v1.00 of Hellfire, but was disabled by Sierra with the v1.01 upgrade. After the upgrade you can only play multiplayer if you have a hacked version of the file, hellfrui.dll.

What can you do about it? Well, you'll have to do a little downloading and installing.

Download the following files from this site:
hf101.exe the official Hellfire patch from Sierra
command.zip the command.txt file
phinstal.zip the fix to get multiplayer to work after the Sierra patch

Here's what you need to do:
Make sure that you have the latest version of Diablo...download the latest patch from Blizzard.
Download all three files from this page. You should end up with files named: hf101.exe, command.zip, phinstal.zip . Just download them to your desktop.
Double click on the hf101.exe file to run it. It will install the latest update to Hellfire.
Double click on the command.zip file; this should open the WinZip unzipping utility, and it will prompt you to tell it where to extract the file to. Extract the file to the directory: Sierra/Hellfire/ .
Double click on the phinstal.zip file: this will again open the WinZip unzipping utility, and extract the file.
You now should be able to start Hellfire, and you should be able to choose the Bard or Barbarian character, and be able to access the hidden quests of the Little Girl (Celia/Theo) Quest and the Jersey's Jersey (see our Quest Page for details), and play multiplayer. Additionally, when NaKrul is released, he will have some rather interesting comments for you.

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