Rocky Roadz Level 2

  • start with 2 gruntz; both empty
  • empty gruntz picks up shovelz
  • shovelz gruntz walks right to two holez, fills them in
  • empty gruntz walks to where shovelz was originally located
  • shovelz gruntz walks one space to the right of the two filled-in holez
  • red teleport will open in front of the empty gruntz
  • empty gruntz walks left, into red teleport, picks up coin, walks into red teleport
  • empty gruntz walks down, stands on blue switch
  • shovelz gruntz walks left and down, to cross bridge, stands on other blue switch
  • empty gruntz crosses bridge
  • empty gruntz and shovelz gruntz kill purple enemy gruntz
  • shovelz gruntz stands on pressure plate
  • shovelz gruntz walks to the right, and up, fills in 4 holez (no need to dig up other 4 holez; nothing there)
  • shovelz gruntz kills purple enemy gruntz
  • empty gruntz walks up, picks up gauntletz
  • gauntletz gruntz walks down, breaks all rocks in area, picks up coin
  • leave warpstone for now
  • gauntletz gruntz steps on blue switch that was under rock
  • gauntletz gruntz walks right to stand on shore next to warpletter
  • shovelz gruntz walks down, crosses bridge to '?' switch; steps on '?' switch
  • gauntletz gruntz walks right, picks up warpletter, walks left to get back on shore
  • shovelz gruntz walks left, back across bridge
  • gauntletz gruntz walks back to warpstone, picks up warpstone
  • shovelz gruntz and warpstone gruntz walk up to pressure platez; stand on pressure platez
  • shovelz gruntz walks right and down, digs holez; picks up coin
  • shovelz gruntz walks down, kills purple enemy gruntz
  • shovelz gruntz and warpstone gruntz walk down past rolling rock
  • shovelz gruntz walks right, and steps on blue switch
  • warpstone gruntz walks down, crosses bridge, brings warpstone to king

Survivors  2
Deaths 0
Toolz  2
Toyz 0
Powerups 0
Coins  3
Secretz  2

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