High Rollerz Level 2

  • start with 2 gruntz
  • one gruntz sneaks around and picks up pogostick, give pogostick to purple enemy gruntz
  • gruntz picks up boxing glovez
  • boxing glovez gruntz kills two purple enemy gruntz, picks up coin
  • empty gruntz walks through maze, picks up welderz kit
  • both gruntz walk up, past the yellow arrowz, kill the two enemy gruntz, kill the purple enemy gruntz to drop the green pyramidz
  • give straw to boxing glovez gruntz, suck goo
  • both gruntz go to pressure platez
  • welder gruntz walks around powerup, shoots fire at two gunhat gruntz and kills them
  • welder gruntz picks up invunerability powerup, and leads bomb gruntz toward dice to break them, kills bomb gruntz
  • welder gruntz shoots fire at two gunhat gruntz and kills them
  • welder gruntz uses megaphone -- wingz
  • strawz gruntz sucks goo, bakes new gruntz, drop on pad
  • welder gruntz picks up springz
  • give wingz to empty gruntz
  • all three gruntz go to pressure platez
  • wingz gruntz shoots hurricanes at purple enemy gruntz to kill him
  • springz gruntz goes down, crosses over, kills green enemy gruntz, steps on green switch, uses megaphone -- gauntletz
  • give gauntletz to strawz gruntz, he breaks dice
  • gauntletz gruntz walks to the single square that is surrounded by spikes
  • red teleporter will open
  • springz gruntz springs over single hole to enter red teleporter, picks up warpletter, enters red teleporter
  • leave gauntletz gruntz standing near the silver pyramidz that are blocking the way to the large dice
  • springz gruntz springz to pick up wingz surrounded by holez
  • remember when flying, so walk as far as possible, then fly;  this will give you maximum amount of flying time
  • for this part, you have to use both wingz gruntz, so I will identify which is which (you may want to read this part over before you try it)
  • wingz gruntz #1 walks to edge closest to '1' switch island, flies directly across to island, walks down to stand on '1' switch, walks back up, then flies back across
  • wingz gruntz #2 walks to the end of the path below the black pyramidz
  • with wingz gruntz #2 selected, right click on the swordz enemy gruntz on the left, when wingz gruntz #2 has sent the tornado at him, immediately right click on the red switch so that he will land there
  • wingz gruntz #2 then flies across to stand in front of the red pyramidz
  • wingz gruntz #1 walks to the end of the path below the black pyramidz, then flies to stand on the red switch directly below
  • wingz gruntz #2 then walks past the red pyramidz, and picks up a new pair of wingz
  • wingz gruntz #1 is now stranded
  • wingz gruntz walks to ledge with card on it, flies up to ledge by rolling 8-ball, walks across to ledge in lake, flies to crumble poker chips, walks across crumble poker chips, flies to ledge, walks past yellow arrowz, and picks up wingz
    wingz gruntz walks across lower set of crumble poker chips to fort
  • wingz gruntz walks up as far as possible, then right click on the '1' switch, so that he will fly to step on it
  • wingz gruntz flies up to land back in area when you began this level, walks to the left to stand between the two $ trees, then fly up and to the left to get to the '?', which is behind a $ tree
  • wingz gruntz steps on '?' switch, the silver pyramidz in front of the gauntletz gruntz will drop
  • gauntletz gruntz walks past silver pyramidz, breaks dice, picks up five coins
  • wingz gruntz flies back to warpstone island, picks up warpstone
  • warpstone gruntz takes warpstone to king

Survivors  3
Deaths 0
Toolz  9
Toyz 1
Powerups 1
Coins  6
Secretz  2

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