High on Sweetz Level 3

  • empty gruntz picks up gauntletz
  • gauntletz gruntz kills purple enemy gruntz
  • use megaphone - gokart
  • gauntletz gruntz walks down, breaks cupcakes
  • give gokart to empty gruntz
  • gokart gruntz gives gokart to enemy gruntz
  • empty gruntz picks up straw, sucks goo
  • straw gruntz walks down and right, to the area above the yellow arrows
  • gauntlets gruntz stands on upper yellow switch
  • straw gruntz walks through yellow arrows, uses megaphone, stands on green switch
  • gauntletz gruntz stands on lower yellow switch
  • straw gruntz walks through yellow arrows
  • give jumprope to straw gruntz, exits yellow arrows
  • straw/jumprope gruntz gives jumprope to green enemy gruntz
  • straw gruntz walks back towards yellow arrows, stands on the empty square near the down-pointing arrow below the spikes
  • red teleport will open, straw gruntz walks into red teleport
  • straw gruntz picks up toobz, jumps in water, walks across candy/cookie bridge (lose toobz), goes through blue teleporter, picks up 3 coins, enter red teleporter
  • empty gruntz steps on green switch to take out green enemy gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks red bricks, loses gauntletz
  • empty gruntz walks over to the area by gruntz pad
  • drop new gruntz on pad
  • move both gruntz to the area before the speed powerups
  • each gruntz picks up a speed powerup, and walks by the shovelz gruntz, picking up a coin on the way
  • two gruntz walk to pressure platez
  • one gruntz stand on timer, the other gruntz goes through the pyramidz, picks up boomerang, stands on timer, and exits silver pyramidz
  • boomerang gruntz walks up to cross water
  • boomerang gruntz gets 2 bomb gruntz to blow themselves up
  • boomerang gruntz steps on '1' switch
  • boomerang gruntz picks up two coins
  • boomerang gruntz throws boomerang at the 3 purple boxing glove gruntz until they're goo
  • empty gruntz picks up gauntletz
  • boomerang gruntz walks back across to green pyramidz
  • gauntletz gruntz stands on top green switch
  • boomerang gruntz moves to lowest square in first row of green pyramidz
  • gauntletz gruntz moves to bottom green switch - do not walk over middle switch
  • boomerang gruntz moves through green pyramidz
  • boomerang gruntz uses megaphone - bricklaying tools
  • give bricklaying toolz to boomerang gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz and bricklaying gruntz stand on pressure platez
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks cupcakes, steps on green switch
  • gauntletz gruntz and bricklaying gruntz walk through candelz, making sure that the green switch leaves the green pyramidz down
  • bricklaying gruntz build bricks to break the rolling gumballs
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks bricks and cupcakes
  • leave the warpstone for now
  • use the megaphone - beachball
  • give beachball to bricklaying gruntz
  • move gauntletz gruntz to stand next to green/silver pyramidz
  • bricklaying/beachball gruntz gives beachball to purple enemy gruntz
  • bricklaying gruntz stands on silver timer switch, then green switch
  • gauntletz gruntz walks across pyramidz
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks cupcakez, steps on '1' switch
  • gauntletz gruntz walks back to green/silver pyramidz
  • bricklaying gruntz stand on silver timer switch, then green switch
  • gauntletz gruntz walks across pyramidz
  • gaunteltz gruntz enters maze, breaks cupcakez to find '?' switch
  • move bricklaying gruntz to the maze row, just above where warpstone is located
  • gauntletz gruntz stands on '?' switch
  • bricklaying gruntz walks to the left, out of the maze, picks up wingz
  • wingz gruntz needs to fly to the green teleporter that was at the beginning area of the game
  • wingz gruntz walks south as far as he can, then flies across diagonally to the southwest
  • wingz gruntz walks west, then flies over the rectangular space
  • wingz gruntz walks north to the edge, then flies diagonally to the green teleporter (will lose wingz)
  • empty gruntz will end up in the lower left corner of the screen, in the crumbling cookies/warp letter section
  • empty gruntz walks up diagonally to take the warpletter
  • empty gruntz walks down diagonally to the green teleporter
  • empty gruntz will end up in the area by the red switch
  • gauntletz gruntz takes warpstone, walks to stairs leading to enemy swordz gruntz
  • empty gruntz stands on red switch
  • warpstone gruntz walks quickly past enemy swordz gruntz
  • warpstone gruntz takes warpstone to king

Survivors  3
Deaths 0
Toolz  7
Toyz 3
Powerups 2
Coins  7
Secretz  2


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