Onboard Ship

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Our first activity onboard ship was to attend the Lifeboat Drill.  We had to get our lifejackets from our cabins and then meet in the Mikado Lounge to learn where to go and what to do.

Here’s Cindy, looking quite stunning in her orange lifejacket!

Another shot of the all-important Lifeboat Drill.

Pictures of our cabin

Here’s the closet and desk in our room.  Notice the bottles of soda on the desk....only $2.50 a piece!  You’ll also notice that we have sunblock and aloe gel ready to protect us from the Mexican sun!

Another view of our room, showing the beds, TV, and the lovely lighted ship picture! The cabinet between the beds is where our lifejackets were stored.

Pictures from around the ship

Here’s Jenni and Theresa, on deck.

The top level of the ship, with the pool and hot tub....the topless tanning area of the ship.

The view off the back of the ship.

The Lido Deck....social center of the ship, with the pool, water slide, stage and bunches of deck chairs.

The Internet Cafe. For a mere $0.75 per minute, you too can read all your spam emails!

The view from the back of the ship, at sunset.

The girls admiring the view.

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