Miniature Masterz Level 1

  • start with one gruntz
  • empty gruntz picks up gauntletz, and breaks all the rocks
  • gauntletz gruntz walks up, and starts across disappearing quicksand bridge; when he gets to the first safe spot, wait until the bridge appears in the direction of the coin, and follow it to pick up the coin
  • gauntletz gruntz uses megaphone -- gokart, breaks rocks
  • gauntletz gruntz gives gokart to thief gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz steps on blue switch and crosses pool
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks red brick, uses megaphone -- straw
  • gauntletz gruntz kills two enemy gruntz
  • give straw to gauntletz gruntz, sucks goo, bake new gruntz
  • strawz gruntz stands on green switch
  • drop new gruntz on pad, picks up boxing glovez
  • strawz gruntz uses megaphone -- springz
  • springz gruntz goes through maze, steps on all '1' switchez, loses springz
  • empty gruntz goes through golf balls and steps on timer switch
  • empty gruntz walks through pyramids, picks up shovel, and goes back through middle pyramids
  • shovelz gruntz fills holez, goes to pressure platez
  • boxing gruntz picks up powerup, kills enemy gruntz and exits maze
  • boxing gruntz uses megaphone -- spongegun, then goes to pressure platez
  • both gruntz stand on pressure platez
  • give spongegun to boxing glove gruntz
  • shovelz gruntz walks quickly across bridge to the blue switch 
  • shovelz gruntz walks back, goes to island, digs hole to get rid of the ball and kills the enemy gruntz
  • spongegun gruntz shoots enemy gruntz into holes 
  • spongegun gruntz shoots enemy spongegun gruntz onto the '1' switch
  • both gruntz enter green teleport
  • shovelz gruntz picks up coin
  • both gruntz end up back at the beginning
  • shovelz gruntz walks around pool, fills the hole by the arrow, red teleport will open
  • Shoot the shovel gruntz over the arrow to trigger the red warp.
  • The shovel gruntz enters the red warp, crosses the bridge and gets a coin.
  • Don't enter the red warp yet, but proceed, kill the gun hat gruntz, dig a hole and get the warp letter
  • spongegun gruntz stands by silver timer switch
  • shovelz gruntz enters yellow arrowz
  • shovelz gruntz uses megaphone -- springz
  • give springz to spongegun gruntz
  • shovelz gruntz steps on the arrow by the green switches
  • shovelz gruntz steps on the yellow arrow, then walks forward to step on the green switchez
  • shovelz gruntz is now headed for the '1' switch
  • shovelz gruntz steps on the third green switch, walks back to the arrow, and then exits the area
  • shovelz gruntz stands on green hold switch
  • spring gruntz enters the maze
  • springz gruntz springz over the switchez going the wrong way, when he jumps over the switches the second time he gets out of the maze 
  • both gruntz go stand on pressure platez
  • shovelz gruntz walks across quicksand
  • springz gruntz picks up gravity bootz
  • gravity bootz gruntz walks to green switch in middle of spikes
  • both gruntz kill the two enemy gruntz
  • gravity bootz gruntz picks up two coins in the spikez
  • both gruntz kill enemy gruntz
  • shovelz gruntz steps on green switch
  • gravity bootz gruntz walks through golf balls, uses megaphone -- timebombz
  • gravity bootz gruntz steps on green switchez
  • gravity bootz gruntz walks back, give him the timebombz
  • shovelz gruntz fills the holez
  • timebombz gruntz blows up rocks, picks up coin
  • timebombz gruntz goes back and blows up two enemy gruntz
  • timebombz gruntz blows up rocks by stairs
  • both gruntz stand on pressure platez
  • timebombz gruntz enters green teleport
  • timebombz gruntz blows up rockz, brickz, and enemy gruntz
  • timebombz gruntz walks to the left, blowing up rockz, and steps on '1' switch
  • both gruntz walk back
  • timebombz gruntz walks across bridge towards volcano and steps on '1' switch
    timebombz gruntz walks beneath the volcano, towards the arrow, which takes him to the '?' switch
  • Blow up the rock, pick up the coin and enter the invisible warp.
  • Blow up the giant rockz and stand on '?' switch.
  • Run towards the two rockz in the center and blow them up; pick up coins and return.
  • shovelz gruntz picks up wingz, fliez to shore
  • wingz gruntz goes to green switchez
  • timebombz gruntz walks through holes/green pyramidz, blows up rocks on the way, picks up coin
  • timebombz gruntz blows up bricks, goes to pressure platez, enters green teleport
  • timebombz gruntz blows up bricks and enemy gruntz
  • wingz gruntz fliez up, picks up warpstone 
  • warpstone gruntz brings warpstone to king

Survivors  0
Deaths 0
Toolz  0
Toyz 0
Powerups 0
Coins  0
Secretz  0

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