Miniature Masterz Level 4

  • start with two gruntz
  • empty gruntz uses megaphone -- gauntletz and stands on red switch
  • give gauntletz to other empty gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks rocks, walks back to center, steps on red switch
  • empty gruntz walks clockwise around quicksand, walks up, follows the arrowz and picks up the rolling ball spell and casts it
  • when the balls start rolling, walk out of their way, walk around the platforms, left and down towards the enemy gruntz and get him to follow you to get rolled over by a golf ball
  • empty gruntz stands in front of the single arrow pointing to the left, cast the spell, and step out of the way
  • the pyramidz will drop, empty gruntz uses the megaphone -- springz, and then enters the green teleport
  • empty gruntz picks up coin, uses the megaphone -- boomerang
  • give boomerang to empty gruntz
  • boomerang gruntz walks back to the spongegun gruntz, kills the one on the right, then the one on the left
  • golf balls will roll and kill the two enemy gruntz
  • boomerang gruntz follows the last ball and walks up towards the pressure platez; don't step on the '1' switch
  • boomerang gruntz steps on the green switch to release three balls, and goes to the pressure platez
  • boomerang gruntz steps on the '1' switch, and walks to the right towards the green pyramidz
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks rocks, and steps on green switch
  • boomerang gruntz walks down and stands on red switch
  • give springz to gauntletz gruntz
  • springz gruntz springz onto orange switch
  • springz gruntz walks past the first bouncing ball
  • boomerang gruntz walks to orange switch
  • springz gruntz walks past the second bouncing ball
  • springz gruntz steps on green switch, then goes to pressure platez
  • springz gruntz walks next to quicksand, picks up coin
  • springz gruntz walks back and goes across quicksand bridge, uses megaphone -- welder kit
  • springz gruntz springz back over breakaway bridge
  • springz gruntz walks up, and "lure the toyer or thief gruntz towards you by jumping in the center and then pass them on either side'"
  • give welder kit to springz gruntz, kill enemy sword gruntz
  • welder gruntz picks up strawz, sucks goo
  • strawz gruntz steps on '1' switch
  • boomerang gruntz walks to the left and picks up gunhat
  • gunhat gruntz kills enemy sword gruntz and club gruntz
  • gunhat gruntz walks pass area with thunderclouds
  • gunhat gruntz walks between the balls and enters green teleport
  • gunhat gruntz walks up
  • don't kill the enemy rock gruntz for the moment, you need them to get to the red teleport
  • drop new gruntz on the pad by the strawz gruntz
  • empty gruntz walks down, pass the first set of balls, then walks up and stands on lower green switch
  • strawz gruntz walks past all the balls, steps on the green switch behind the danger sign and enters the arrow maze 
  • empty gruntz moves to upper switch once the strawz gruntz passes the first switchable arrow
  • empty gruntz moves to center switch once the strawz gruntz passes the second switchable arrow
  • empty gruntz moves to bottom switch once the strawz gruntz passes the last switchable arrow
  • strawz gruntz stands on the green switch by the pool corner
  • golf ball will roll down, killing the five enemy gruntz and flip the red switch, to lower the pyramids by the '?' switch
  • empty gruntz uses megaphone -- gauntletz
  • strawz gruntz uses megaphone -- spy gear
  • give gauntletz to empty gruntz
  • give spy gear to strawz gruntz
  • both gruntz go to pressure platez
  • gauntletz gruntz steps on blue switch to raise bridge
  • both gruntz walks across bridge to the yellow arrowz
  • gunhat gruntz steps on '?' switch
  • the three arrows on the right side will reverse; walk across the jumping golf balls, walk up and pick up the coin, walk back down, then up, and pick up the other coin, and enter the blue pyramid
  • don't enter the green teleport, but trigger the red teleport
  • kill the enemy gruntz on the left to change the purple pyramidz and break the balls
  • walk diagonally as the ball rolls over the lower arrow and then move to the left to enter the red teleport
  • walk clockwise around the quicksand, go upstairs and get the coin
  • walk around again take the first stairs, hit the enemy boxing gruntz one time
  • walk back and shoot the enemy for the second time; immediately run towards the warp letter after you've fired
  • return through the red warp, walk around the blue pyramid and enter the green warp
  • gunhat gruntz kills the enemy gruntz
  • gunhat gruntz steps on the lower green switch to release other gruntz
  • gunhat gruntz steps on upper green swtich to let other gruntz past pyramidz
  • gauntletz gruntz walks down, breaks the first brick, then breaks the rock, which will blow up the explosive brick
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks the next brick
  • spy gruntz walks to where the second brick was
  • gunhat gruntz picks up health spell and casts it
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks the rockz
  • gauntletz gruntz walks to the purple switches, allowing gunhat gruntz to pick up warpstone
  • warpstone gruntz walks around for, picks up coin and brings warpstone to the king

Survivors  0
Deaths 0
Toolz  0
Toyz 0
Powerups 0
Coins  0
Secretz  0

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