Gruntz in Space Level 1

  • start with four gruntz, two of them are blocked
  • spongegun gruntz shoots empty gruntz over arrow
  • empty gruntz walks down and stands on green switch
  • spongegun gruntz steps on right timer switch, walks through pyramidz and steps on '1' switch to release gruntz
  • released gruntz steps on left timer switch and spongegun gruntz walks out of the maze
  • spongegun gruntz walks to bridge, kills all six enemy gruntz by shooting them into space and walks to pressure platez
  • other gruntz goes to steps on '1' switch, use megaphone -- swordz
  • swordz gruntz walks to pressure platez
  • one of the gruntz walks towards the '?' switch
  • both gruntz enter the green warp
  • one gruntz walks into space towards the '?' switch, (there is an invisible bridge), and steps on the switch to raise bridge to the coins
  • gruntz picks up coins, leave cola
  • bridge will appear to go back to edge, wait for it
  • spongegun gruntz shoots the four enemy gruntz onto spikez
  • swordz gruntz kills the two enemy gruntz,  walks to the pressure platez
  • spongegun gruntz steps on the two green switches, to release rocks which will kill the enemy gruntz
  • spongegun gruntz picks up strawz, sucks all goo
  • strawz gruntz steps on '1' switch, then goes to stand on purple switch
  • drop new gruntz on pad
  • empty gruntz picks up gauntletz and goes to stand on other purple switch
  • swordz gruntz stands on pressure platez
  • cross the bridge, enter the spiky platform and get the spring
  • pick up coin behind the satellite near the toob gruntz
  • go back to the bridge, spring on the hidden blue toggle switch and the green toggle switch, spring back and over the two-way arrow
  • wait on the green hold switch
  • the straw gruntz and the gauntletz gruntz
  • drop a new gruntz on the pad and all three gruntz, cross the two green toggle switches
  • gauntletz gruntz breaksall the timebombed ice cubes
  • empty gruntz picks up the bomb
  • bomb gruntz stands in front of the moving bridge, ignite the bomb just before the bridge rises
  • gauntletz gruntz and strawz gruntz cross the other bridge and proceed to the checkpoint
  • second gauntletz gruntz gets off the platform, breaksall the timebombed ice cubes, picks up coin and goes to the checkpoint
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks the two ice cubes
  • pick up pogo stick
  • straw gruntz sucks goo
  • gauntletz gruntz walks down, breaks the red brick and loses his gauntletz
  • you have to hit the three '1' switches in the arrow maze; it's timing
  • after you hit the third '1' switch, pick up the death touch powerup and kill the two enemy sword gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz and straw gruntz walk down, and turn left
  • straw gruntz sucks goo, and waits near the pyramidz
  • gauntletz gruntz and the empty gruntz give their pogo sticks to the enemy club gruntz on the green hold switches, then walk back to the pyramidz and wait there
  • springz gruntz picks up the gauntletz and breaks the timebombed ice cubes
  • gauntletz gruntz picks up coin behind the satellite
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks the ice cubes, then the lower of the three bricks and kill the enemy straw gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz walks back and waits in front of the black pyramid
  • other three gruntz pass the pyramids and one of them hits the '1' switch
  • gauntletz gruntz picks up the megaphone - gauntletz
  • give gauntletz to empty gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz kill the enemy straw gruntz, then break ice cubes
  • straw gruntz sucks goo, and all gruntz stand on the four purple switches
  • drop a new gruntz on the creation pad, he walks around and goes upstairs, picks up coin behing satellite
  • empty gruntz picks up shovel at the bottom and uses megaphone - gravity bootz
    give the gravity bootz to the straw gruntz
  • all gruntz proceed to the checkpoint, then kill the three enemy straw gruntz
  • break all the ice cubes and hit the '1' switch
  • gravity bootz gruntz walks upstairs and hits the timer switch
  • shovel gruntz walks over the silver pyramids, one doesn't go down, and closes some holes around the two purple switches
  • gravity bootz gruntz and the shovel gruntz stand on purple switches and your three other gruntz can pass the spikes on the left hand side
  • one of the gauntletz gruntz crosses the moving bridge, breaks ice cubes, and waits on the blue hold switch
  • one of the gauntletz gruntz and the bootz gruntz pick up a sponge gun, then shoot the enemy club gruntz over the arrows towards the '1' switch
  • put all gruntz except a gauntletz gruntz on the four purple switches
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks the red bricks
  • make the enemy bomb gruntz blow up the gold bricks
  • empty gruntz walks back and trades places with the gauntletz gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks all the ice cubes, then steps on the green switch by the gold brickz
  • pick up the invisibility powerup and run towards the '1' switch behind the three enemy sword gruntz
  • go to the green hold switch on the platform with the spotlights so the other gruntz can enter this area too
  • put four of your gruntz on the purple switches
  • when the purple pyramids are down, the spongegun gruntz goes to the blue hold switch and waits there
  • back to the very beginning where the gruntz who has been shot over the arrow is still waiting
  • he picks up the warpstone piece, crosses the moving bridge and the rolling rocks and proceeds to the platform with the four rolling rocks
  • spongegun gruntz on the blue hold switch walks back to the four green hold switches
  • warpstone gruntz walks to the center of the platform and triggers the red warp, the spongegun gruntz enters it
  • spongegun gruntz shoots the enemy sword gruntz onto the arrows
  • then run, shoot again, and pick up the warpletter.
  • spongegun gruntz walks towards the blue hold switch again
  • warpstone gruntz leaves the platform and crosses the rolling rocks maze
  • warpstone gruntz give the warpstone to the king

Survivors  0
Deaths 0
Toolz  0
Toyz 0
Powerups 0
Coins  0
Secretz  0

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