Gruntz in Space Level 4

  • pick up the gravity bootz and walk towards the green hold switch
  • when he's almost there, the empty gruntz walks towards the '1'switch, steps on it, then walks towards the arrows
  • gravity bootz gruntz hits the '1' switch on the left and waits on the spikes opposite the arrows
  • empty gruntz crosses the arrows towards the moving bridge
  • in the middle of the bridge just walk into the water towards the orange switch
  • throughout this level you have to hit a total of six orange switches to reach the '?' switch

  • after hitting the switch, walk back to the bridge and go to the checkpoint
  • leave the spongegun for the gravity bootz gruntz
  • quickly get the gravity bootz gruntz here, he picks up the sponge gun and shoots the right enemy sponge gruntz into the hole
  • walk to the single arrow near the orange switch
  • as the enemy sponge gruntz is ready to shoot step on the arrow and when the shot arrives step on it again
  • you'll be shot onto the orange switch
  • shoot the left enemy sponge gruntz into the hole
  • shoot the empty gruntz over the arrow to the gauntletz and together hit the checkpoint
  • gauntletz gruntz crosses over the upper part of the breakable bridge and waits in front of the arrow
  • spongegun gruntz sacrifices himself, he walks over the green toggle switch towards the end of the bridge and shoots on the arrow
  • gauntletz gruntz steps on the arrow and waits on the green hold switch until the rock has passed the green pyramid
  • pass the pyramids and break the four ice cubes, revealing a blue toggle switch
  • step on the switch and proceed to the platform with the single enemy sponge gruntz
  • kill him, break the ice cubes, and step on the '1' switch
  • walk back and proceed to the next bridge
  • break all the ice cubes, step on the two '1' switches
  • walk over the lava and the spikes and break the hidden ice cube under the telescope
  • step on the orange switch hidden under the ice, pass the rocks, hit the checkpoint and wait on the red hold switch
  • continue with the two sword gruntz and the club gruntz
  • the two sword gruntz step on the purple switches
  • club gruntz walks to the left green hold switch beneath the disco light
  • gauntletz gruntz walks up, passes the disco light and the lava
  • club gruntz steps on the right green hold switch
  • gauntletz gruntz passes the last arrows and picks up the coin
  • step on the timer switch and go towards the stairs on the left
  • pass the rocks and enter the blue warp
  • step on the blue toggle switch and wait near the pool
  • club gruntz walks back to the stairs, followed by the two sword gruntz
  • all three gruntz pass the rolling rocks, but only the sword gruntz crosses the bridge
    lure one of the enemy gauntletz gruntz towards you and together stab him
  • when all gauntletz gruntz are killed, pick up the megaphone and give the toobz to the gauntletz gruntz
  • toobz gruntz swims around the island, gets the keg of zap cola, steps on the '1' switch and enters the blue warp
  • hit the green toggle switch and step on the arrows just as the circling rock hits the upper row
  • walk towards the next switch, step back and then forward again
  • hit the green toggle switch in the middle of the next corridor, wait until the rock has passed the two-way arrow and get the gauntletz
  • step on the red pyramids when they are down, wait a moment, then on the spikes until the pyramids go down again
  • break the giant ice rock and hit the '1' switch and smash the hidden ice cube, hit the orange switch and get the wingz 
  • walk around the space and hit the green toggle switch behind the rolling rock
  • walk towards the breakable bridge, position yourself at the right hand side and just click on the orange switch
  • get the gauntletz and walk back
  • get the goober straw, hit the checkpoint and wait
  • the sword gruntz, they go up and down again, passing the rolling rocks(walk along the holes and step on an arrow when the rocks are passing by)
  • all three gruntz proceed to the stairs, ignore the two enemy sponge gruntz for now
    one by one lure the enemy gauntletz gruntz towards you and stab them with the two sword gruntz
  • walk up and kill another two enemy gauntletz gruntz
  • pick up the megaphone and give the shovel to the club gruntz
  • two sword gruntz stand on the purple switches
  • shovel gruntz kills the two enemy sponge gruntz, then proceeds towards the island, picks up the megaphone and waits on the green hold switch
  • give the gauntletz from the resourcez to one of the sword gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks the giant ice rock and returns to the purple switch
  • sword gruntz picks up the shield and returns to the purple switches as well
  • shovel gruntz leaves the island again
  • all three gruntz walk back towards the rolling rocks
  • shovel gruntz fills all the holes in the rolling rock area
  • all three gruntz proceed to the checkpoint
  • shovel gruntz enters the moving pyramids maze
  • step on the '1' switch opposite the stairs
  • next the one in the center, then the upper right one and finally the one on the left
  • leave the maze, open the holes under the rolling rocks and step on the '1' switch beneath the disco light
  • fill the holes in front of the '1' switch and step on it
  • walk to the right, pick up the megaphone and fill the lower hole in front of the silver pyramids
  • shield gruntz and the gauntletz gruntz walk to the pyramids
  • straw gruntz hits the timer switch for every gruntz, one by one they walk through the pyramid maze
  • pick up the megaphone go downstairs and position your gruntz opposite the toyz the last gruntz picks up another megaphone near the stairs
  • give them all the proper toys
  • when the disco light starts moving to the left, put the squeak toy gruntz on the plate, then the yo-yo gruntz
  • finally hit the beach ball plate and move back immediately, also move your other gruntz back again
  • they all proceed towards the three purple switches
  • straw gruntz hits the '1' switch and sucks goo under the disco light
  • return to the pyramids
  • one of the other gruntz hits the timer switch and the straw gruntz walks through the pyramid maze
  • put the new gruntz on the creation pad
  • empty gruntz picks up the toob tool and then the baby-walker
  • shovel gruntz proceeds to the platform with the four purple switches
  • shovelz gruntz fills all the holes and waits on one of the switches
  • put all your other gruntz, except the gauntletz gruntz, on the purple switches
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks the ice cubes, all containing a keg of zap cola, which he can reach without taking more than one keg
  • he walks towards the center, steps on the arrows and gets the resurrection spell
  • use the spell and you got ten more gruntz; you need to have fifteen gruntz
  • one by one the gruntz take a keg of zap cola, get a tool and a toy
  • move all your gruntz to the final checkpoint
  • position your gun hat gruntz near the entrance of the pyramid maze, and kill an enemy shovel gruntz and wingz gruntz from there
  • position the gunhat gruntz opposite the enemy gauntletz gruntz and you can kill him before the checkpoint goes down
  • when the battle is over you need at least seven gruntz to finish the game; definitely need gauntletz gruntz, shovel gruntz and spongegun gruntz, so position them on the last three plates
  • put sword, club, rock and gun hat gruntz in front
  • use your toyz and attack one enemy gruntz with two of your gruntz
  • when the pyramidz go down, give one enemy a toy and together kill the other one
  • hit the checkpoint and let the battle begin
  • put four gruntz on the purple switches around the castle
  • shovel gruntz enters the narrow corridor towards the telescope and hidden behind the third pile he digs up the last orange switch
  • step on the orange switch, walk back and fill the holes near the castle
  • one of the other gruntz picks up the warpstone and waits near the checkpoint
  • gauntletz gruntz collects the coins around the castle and breaks the hidden ice cube behind the last three piles, to reveals the '?' switch which gives access to the red warp
  • before hitting the secret ? switch gather five gruntz in front of the checkpoint
  • this must include the sponge gruntz and the warpstone gruntz
  • if you didn't close the holes along the rolling rocks, take the shovel gruntz with you
  • don't take the bootz gruntz, you cannot shoot him over the arrow
  • as the checkpoint opens, walk down and pass the rolling rocks towards the red warp
  • when the warpstone gruntz has returned from the red warp, all gruntz walk back to the battle field and enter the green warp on the right
  • after passing the rolling rocks, shoot all gruntz over the arrow
  • put two gruntz on the purple switches, and the warpstone gruntz near the red warp
  • one gruntz sacrifices himself, he steps on the right arrow to trigger the red warp
  • hit the checkpoint, get the warpletter, collect the coin and enter the red warp
  • after returning from the red warp put some gruntz on the four purple switches again
  • gauntletz gruntz walks back to the castle and breaks the center bricks of the lower row, he's killed
  • warpstone gruntz brings the warpstone to the king

Survivors  0
Deaths 0
Toolz  0
Toyz 0
Powerups 0
Coins  0
Secretz  0

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