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History of the World, Part 1 Credits
Moses, Comicus, Torguemada, Jacques, King Louis XVI Mel Brooks
Swiftus Ron Carey
Marcu Vindictus Shecky Greene
Josephus Gregory Hines
Soothsayer Charlie Callas
Emperor Nero Dom DeLuise
Empress Nympho Madeline Kahn
Count de Monet Harvey Korman
Madame DeFarge Cloris Leachman
Maitre d' Fritz Feld
Captain Mucus Rudy DeLuca
Jesus John Hurt
Miriam Mary-Margaret Humes
Chief Caveman Sid Caesar
Narrator Orson Welles
Entrepreneur Hugh Hefner
Jew #1 Jackie Mason
Jew #2 Ronnie Graham
Court Spokesman Howard Morris
Barber/Bloodletter Sid Gould
Office Clerk Bea Arthur

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