Act III+

Escape from Monkey Island, Act III+

Back on Melee Island....pick up the plank, use it with the small tower.  Climb the small tower.

Jump on the plank to get to the high tower.

  On the high tower, pull the large switch.

Oh, No!!!  Itís a Giant LeChuck!

....and heís got Elaine!


Ozzie uses the Ultimate Insult on the Giant LeChuck.

Iíve got to rescue Elaine!

Itís Monkey Kombat between the Giant Monkey and the Giant LeChuck! 

You canít win. Just get 3 draws in a row, and Elaine will be freed.

The Ultimate Insult will burn out...

Is it over yet?

Oh Guybrush!

True love triumphs again!!!!!

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