Act II

Escape from Monkey Island, Act II


While Guybrush has been on Lucre Island, Elaine has had problems of her own with Charles L. Charles, who’s running against her for the position of Governor......

But it turns out that Charles L. Charles is none other than the Zombie Pirate LeChuck!!!!!

Go back to the House of Mojo and talk with the Voodoo Priestess.  You’ll find out that the heirlooms are: an old pair of wooden earrings, a new necklace, a borrowed pen on a chain.  The Priestess will tell you that you need to find the woman who can wear the earrings, and that the missing blue item is somewhere on Melee Island.

Some interesting facts she will tell you about the Ultimate Insult:

  it is a dangerous and coveted voodoo talisman
  it allows the owner to spew incredibly foul insults in an ancient foreign tongue
  it permanently turns the receiver into an ego-less mass of goo
  it uses the primal language
  it was outlawed years ago
  all copies of the recipe were destroyed by the United Voodoo Workers of the Tri-Island Area
  all pieces of the Ultimate Insult can be found on a single island

Go to Meathook’s house and talk with him.  You will find out that some of his paintings are in town. Pick up the paintbrush.

Go back to the Harbor. Pick up the quarter that is in the coin return slot, and use it on the grog machine.

Beat on the grog machine until you get some grog. Pick up a can of grog.

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