Act II, part 4

Escape from Monkey Island, Act II

Go back to the docks and use the rowboat to go to Knuttin’ Atoll.

On the way, you’ll meet Admiral Ricardo Luigi Pierre M’Benga Chang Nehru O’Hara Casaba the Third.  Talk with him and then continue on your journey.

 Knuttin’ Atoll ...

Talk to the puppets in the puppet theater. Ask to talk to the puppeteer.  Show the puppeteer the Ultimate Insult painting and he will run away.  Pick up the puppets.

Go to the Pirate Transmogrification Academy.

Talk with Miss Rivers and join the class.

When it comes time to take the test, answer everything very piratey, so that you will fail the test, and you will receive the dunce hat.

Go outside the school and pull the fire alarm.

 As soon as Miss Rivers leaves, enter the school and pick up the whistle that is in the trunk of confiscated toys to the right of the door.

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