Act II, part 5

Escape from Monkey Island, Act II

Go back to Knuttin’ Atoll. Walk to the beach and talk to the pirate, Jumbeaux La Feet.

Walk to the left to the stone beach, and use the whistle to call the parrots. Give the Grog, Jr. to one of the parrots and give the Groggoccino to the other parrot.  Ask one of the parrots for the answer to 2+2, so you can tell which parrot is lying and which is telling the truth. Keep using the whistle and asking the truth-telling parrot until you find the stone that the hat is under.

Use the puppets with the stone.

Admiral Casaba will fire his cannons at the beach, and you will have the bronze hat.

Go back to Jambalaya Island and go to the Tall Rock. Talk to Marco del Pollo.

Walk to the Judges area and ask if you can enter the contest. You will receive a certificate.

Compete against Marco and you will lose.

Go back and talk to each judge to find out why you lost.  The Hippie Judge will tell you that you need to imitate Marco’s moves exactly. The Wise Old Judge will tell you that your splashes are too big; wear the dunce hat when you dive.  Try to talk to the Grouchy Judge, but he won’t tell you anything .  Then look at the pamphlets that Stan gave you.  Then show them to the Grouchy Judge.

Walk back to where Marco is, and use the bagel chunks on the baby seal oil. Then ask Marco if you can dive against him again. Imitate his moves and wear your dunce hat.

Diving moves:
Keelhaul is Up
Rum Barrel is Down
Spinning Swordsman is Right
Alpha Monkey is Left

You will tie Marco this time;  ask to compete one more time  and you will get to go first and will win and receive the golden man trophy.

Combine the Golden Man Trophy with the Silver Monkey Mug and the Bronze Pirate Hat to create the Ultimate Insult.
Go back to the Docks and leave the island.

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