Act II, part 2

Escape from Monkey Island, Act II

Go to the Scumm the Lua Bar. Talk with the patrons and the waitress.  Pick up the chopsticks from the table.

Sit down at the bar and talk with the waitress.  Order the flaming scuttlefish.
What you have to do is jam the paintbrush into the boat mechanism so that the flaming dish is stopped directly in front of the painting on the wall.  It may take a few tries to get the timing right.

If you donít get it just right, the chef will come out of the kitchen to see whatís wrong with the boat mechanism, and youíll have to try again.

Once you manage to stop the boat mechanism in the correct place, the chef will run out of the kitchen.  As soon as you have control, run around him and enter the kitchen.

Go over to the steam generator, which controls the boat mechanism. Use the grog with the steam generator.

The chef will come back into the kitchen to fix the generator.

And you will get the painting.

Go back to the Harbor. Use the earrings, the necklace and the pen on the figurehead of your ship. Then show the painting to the figurehead.

The pen will reveal a map that will get you to the island where the Ultimate Insult is hidden.

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