Act II, part 3

Escape from Monkey Island, Act II

Off to Jambalaya Island.....

Go to Starbuccaneers.  Before you enter the store, look at the cup near the window.  Enter the store, and pick up the cup by the window.  Look in the ladyís shopping bag and take the logo mug. Talk to the clerk, give him the cup from the window and get a refill.  Pick up a mini bagel and take a bite.

Leave town, and go to Stanís Timeshare.

Pick up the glue near the door, and talk to Stan and take a pamphlet. Donít listen to his sales pitch, unless you really need a nap!!!

Go back to town and stop by the statue and talk with the tourist.

Go to the Microgroggery and talk with the bartender. Ask if you can ride the Menacing Mechanical Manatee. Ask for some grog; the bartender will give you some Grog, Jr., because you donít have your ID.

Use the glue on the manatee.

Ride the manatee and receive a Mega Monkey Meal Ticket for a free meal at Planet Threepwood.

Go to Planet Threepwood, and stop outside and chat with your old friend, Murray the Talking Skull.

Enter the restaurant and read the menu by the door. Talk to the waitress and use the Mega Monkey Meal Ticket to get a free meal.

When you sit down, ask the pirate to draw your caricature.  When he gives you the caricature, use the glue on it, then use the glued caricature with your Starbuccaneer mug.

Then switch the Starbuccaneer mug with the Monkey mug.

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