Honey, I Shrunk the Gruntz Level 1

  • start with 2 gruntz
  • empty gruntz picks up squeak toy
  • squeak toy gruntz walks down to the middle of the outletz
  • use megaphone -- gauntletz
  • gauntletz/squeak toy gruntz kills two green enemy gruntz
  • gauntletz/squeak toy gruntz breaks sugar cubes in the area
  • empty gruntz picks up toobz
  • toobz gruntz enters water, and gets toobz enemy gruntz to follow him back to the countertop
  • toobz grunz and gauntletz/squeak toy gruntz kill toobz enemy gruntz
  • toobz gruntz enters water and goes and steps on '1' switch, then goes to other island and uses the megaphone - wingz
  • give the wingz to the gauntletz/squeak toy gruntz
  • wingz/squeak toy gruntz walks as far to the south as he can, then flies to the green switch by the frying egg
  • toobz gruntz exits water by the green pyramidz and loses toobz, picks up shovelz, and digz and fillz holez
  • both gruntz walk to the pressure platez
  • gauntletz/squeak toy gruntz gets enemy gruntz as far away from the orange switchez as possible, and gives him the squeak toy
  • one gruntz steps on the lower right orange switch
  • both gruntz walk past the orange pyramidz, and kill the purple enemy gruntz
  • both gruntz walk around, and stand on the purple switchez to release the gauntletz gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks sugar cubes, steps on green switch
  • one gruntz exits the area and steps on upper orange switch
  • all three gruntz walk up, past the orange pyramidz, to the next area
  • shovelz gruntz fills holez
  • wingz gruntz picks up bricklaying toolz
  • shovelz gruntz and gauntletz gruntz kill purple enemy gruntz
  • shovelz gruntz digs holez
  • gauntletz gruntz stands on green switch
  • shovelz gruntz and bricklaying gruntz enter rolling olive area
  • shovelz gruntz walks to the right and stands on red switch
  • bricklaying gruntz walks past the red pyramidz to step on the '1' switch
  • shovelz gruntz and bricklaying gruntz walk back past the green pyramidz
  • all three gruntz go to the pressure platez
  • all three gruntz kill the 2 purple enemy gruntz
  • one gruntz steps on the silver switch, another gruntz goes through the silver pyramidz, and steps on the red switch
  • other two gruntz walk through the dropped red pyramidz
  • shovelz gruntz digs holez
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks top brown brick
  • shovelz gruntz picks up bomb
  • bomb gruntz runs to yellow brick to blow it up
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks brown brick, steps on '1' switch
  • both gruntz walk up past the black pyramidz
  • gauntletz gruntz picks up the monster wheelz
  • gauntletz/monster wheelz gruntz breaks sugar cubes, picks up coin, gives monster wheelz to purple enemy gruntz
  • bricklaying gruntz builds brick to stop rolling olives
  • gauntletz grunts breaks bricks
  • both gruntz walk through
  • empty gruntz walks around slime to the right, down, and the left, kills green enemy gruntz by walking onto outletz path, and stopping on safe spot
  • empty gruntz walks through rest of outletz, picks up gauntletz
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks sugar cubes, steps on '1' switch
  • gauntletz gruntz enters blue teleport, breaks sugar cubes, and picks up coin
  • bricklaying gruntz stands between the two sets of holez surrounding coins
  • gauntletz gruntz walks back through the slime to the sugar cube by the rolling olives, and breaks the cube to reveal the '?' switch
  • gauntletz gruntz steps on '?' switch
  • the holez above the bricklaying gruntz will disappear; walk up to the coin, but don't pick it up.  WAIT until the hole under the coin fills in, then pick up the coin, and walk down as quickly as possible.  The same thing will happen for the lower set of holez, so go get the other coin.
  • move both gruntz to the area between the holez
  • gauntletz gruntz walks up to the left, through the outletz, and down, and stands just below the '1' switch, the red teleport will open, enter it
  • gauntletz gruntz walks through the yellow arrowz, and let the spongegun gruntz shoot you onto the coin square, and then let him shoot you onto the lower row of arrowz, so that you can walk to the right to get the warpletter;  then enter red teleporter to return
    gauntletz gruntz exits the area by the fort
  • bricklaying gruntz walks to the left and kills the three boxing glove enemy gruntz
  • bricklaying gruntz build a brick by the fort to stop the olive
  • gauntletz gruntz gives the squeak toy to the pink enemy gruntz, picks up warpstone
  • warpstone gruntz brings warpstone to king

Survivors  2
Deaths 1
Toolz  7
Toyz 3
Powerups 0
Coins  5
Secretz  2

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