Honey, I Shrunk the Gruntz Level 4

  • start with one gruntz
  • empty gruntz walks to the right, past the slime, enters the top row of yellow arrowz, uses the megaphone - rock
  • give rock to empty gruntz
  • rock gruntz walks past first olives, throws rocks at rock gruntz to kill him
  • the green pyramidz will drop
  • rock gruntz enters the blue teleport, walks across the timed bridge to the blue teleport
  • rock gruntz walks to the left, gets the toyer gruntz's attention, then walk as quickly as possible around, and steps on the '1' switch, then enters the blue teleport
  • rock gruntz will end up back by the bridges, walks across, uses megaphone - straw, enters blue teleport
  • rock gruntz kills two enemy rock gruntz
  • rock gruntz uses megaphone - jack in the box
  • give straw to rock gruntz
  • strawz gruntz sucks goo, steps on pressure platez, enters blue teleport
  • strawz gruntz ends up in upper right square 'island'
  • there are four of these 'islands'; you must go to each one by entering the blue teleports and suck goo
  • once you have visited all four and got the goo, you will bake a new gruntz
  • strawz gruntz enters the blue teleport and will end up by the orange switchez
  • give jack-in-the-box to strawz gruntz
  • strawz/jack-in-the-box gruntz walks to the left, gives jack-in-the-box to enemy gruntz
  • strawz gruntz steps on green switch, exits back to middle, steps on the upper right orange switch
  • strawz gruntz walks up, kills purple enemy gruntz, sucks goo, and steps on green switch
  • strawz gruntz walks down, steps on lower right orange switch, walks to the right, steps on green switch
  • strawz gruntz walks back, steps on lower left orange switch, walks down past dropped green pyramidz, sucks goo
  • straws gruntz walks to the left, to the island, sucks goo
  • strawz gruntz walks along the blue tiles to the right, use the yellow arrowz to avoid the olivez, steps on pressure platez, and enters the blue teleport
  • strawz gruntz ends up back by the bridges in the middle
  • give pogostick to strawz gruntz
  • strawz/pogostick gruntz givez pogostick to purple enemy gruntz, sucks goo
  • you should have 4 gruntz in your ovenz, ready to go
  • drop the four baked gruntz on the gruntz pads to the left of the strawz gruntz
  • each new gruntz steps on a '1' switch
  • strawz gruntz steps on pressure platez---he is now stranded
  • the four new gruntz are released
  • two empty gruntz walk up, past the yellow spongegun enemy gruntz; one takes the powerup, the other steps on the silver timerz switch
  • powerup gruntz runs to the right, past the silver pyramidz, steps on the '1' switch, picks up the spongegun, and uses the megaphone - club
  • the remaining gruntz walk to the right, past the dropped black pyramidz
  • spongegun gruntz walks down the stairs, avoiding slime, walks up to blue switch
  • spongegun gruntz uses megaphone - timebombz, shoots the purple enemy gruntz
  • spongegun gruntz kills 6 green enemy gruntz and 1 purple enemy gruntz
  • give timebombz to shield gruntz, blows up sugar cubes, gets coin, uses megaphone - shovelz
  • give shovelz to club gruntz
  • shovelz gruntz fillz holez
  • timebombz gruntz blows up all sugar cubez
  • one gruntz steps on the yellow switch to the right to release the rolling olive, which will flip the green switch
  • all four gruntz go to pressure platez
  • timebombz gruntz walks to the left, blows up the sugar cubes, picks up coin, goez through the outletz, and blows up the sugar cubes
  • shovelz gruntz steps on blue switch
  • spongegun gruntz walks on bridge to the left, shoots shield enemy gruntz into the blue teleport; he will end up in area with '?' switch
  • both spongegun gruntz walk to the area just above the '?' switch
  • what you need to do is shoot the shield gruntz onto the '?' switch;  when you have the shield gruntz one square away from the '?' switch, and no longer need the second spongegun gruntz, send one spongegun gruntz up to the left to get the strawz, suck the goo, and bake a new gruntz
  • drop the new gruntz on the pad to the right, have one gruntz step on the yellow switch to release him; leave him stand there for now
  • when the spongegun gruntz shootz the shield gruntz to step on the '?' switch, it will cause the three rows of yellow arrows up and to the left to disappear.  You need to have the strawz gruntz, shovelz gruntz, and spongegun gruntz ready to walk through this area, pick up the three coins, and continue walking to the left
  • one gruntz steps on the upper left orange switch to drop the orange pyramidz to the left, then have the spongegun gruntz shoot the enemy gruntz into a hole
  • spongegun gruntz then needs to walk to the left to stand on the green switch in the middle of the slime
  • shovelz gruntz fills the holez above this area, and then walks up to the yellow arrows
  • shovelz gruntz walks the yellow arrowz; when he gets near to where the spongegun gruntz is standing, the spongegun gruntz has to shoot him to keep him from falling into the hole;  he needs to continue walking down
  • the red teleport will appear; shovelz gruntz enters it, picks up three coins, enters red teleport, picks up warpletter
  • the empty gruntz that is over by the fort picks up the warpstone
  • warpstone gruntz brings warpstone to king

Survivors  6
Deaths 0
Toolz  9
Toyz 2
Powerups 1
Coins  8 of 9 (one is missing)
Secretz  2

Cheatz for completing all 4 levelz:


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