Honey, I Shrunk the Gruntz Level 2

  • start with 2 gruntz
  • use megaphone - club
  • give club to empty gruntz
  • club gruntz walks to the left, and up to kill the purple enemy gruntz
  • empty gruntz picks up straw, sucks goo, steps on '1' switch
  • club gruntz stands on silver timer switch
  • strawz gruntz walks through silver pyramidz, and stops in middle safe area
  • club gruntz kills rockz enemy gruntz, then walks around and steps on silver timer switch to release strawz gruntz
  • strawz gruntz walks around and past the pink enemy gruntz
  • both gruntz kill pink enemy gruntz
  • strawz gruntz sucks goo, bake new gruntz, drop on pad, uses megaphone - toobz, steps on '1' switch
  • give the toobz to the empty gruntz
  • one gruntz steps on the green switch
  • toobz gruntz walks to edge of water
  • club gruntz and straw gruntz stand on purple switchez
  • toobz gruntz enters water, and goes up and to the left to the pressure platez, and loses toobz, then steps on blue switch, then on green switch, then walks to silver switch
  • empty gruntz stands on silver switch, club gruntz and straw gruntz walks through silver pyramidz
  • empty gruntz walks across, uses megaphone - gauntletz
  • give gauntletz to empty gruntz
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks sugar cubes, picks up coin, steps on green switch
  • club gruntz and gauntletz gruntz step on pressure platez, both walk across outletz, one steps on green switch by slime, the other walks up, past the green pyramidz, then walks through the slime and steps on '1' switch, and the other walks by the black pyramidz
  • club gruntz and gauntletz gruntz walks through the outletz/olivez
  • club gruntz walks to pressure platez
  • gauntletz gruntz steps on yellow switch, then starts walking down, as soon as the black pyramidz drops, staying in front of the olive, and stepping on the '1' switch to break the olive
  • gauntletz gruntz breaks sugar cubes, thens steps on red switch
  • club gruntz walks past red pyramidz, gets the bomb gruntz to breaks the sugar cubes, and steps on the green switch to break olive
  • club gruntz kills two enemy gruntz, and activates the red teleporter by standing on the middle square between the four yellow arrowz
  • club gruntz walks down, picks up springz
  • I've heard that you can spring over to the '1' switch and beat the olive, but I never could do it. So, instead, spring up and to the left, and you will find spikez;  use them to break the springz.  Then walk back to the yellow switch, step on it, and walk as fast as you can to the '1' switch
  • empty gruntz picks up warpletter and coin, and enters red teleporter
  • gauntletz gruntz walks down, past dropped pyramidz, past holez (avoid the gun gruntz), and picks up the spongegun
  • spongegun gruntz kills the two spongegun enemy gruntz
  • spongegun gruntz shoots the shield gruntz onto the '1' switchez
  • spongegun gruntz walks to the right, up and around to the dropped black pyramidz
  • spongegun gruntz stands between the 1st and 2nd row of pyramidz and shoots at the blue enemy shovelz gruntz, so that he will go and dig up the two holez to reveal the '?' switch, and a keg of cola that I never found a way to get
  • spongegun gruntz picks up the boomerang
  • boomerang gruntz uses boomerang to kill the two closest enemy gruntz
  • boomerang gruntz walks across crumble bridge
  • boomerang gruntz uses boomerang to kill the other two enemy gruntz
  • boomerang gruntz stands on '1' switch
  • boomerang gruntz uses boomerang to kill the shovelz enemy gruntz
  • one gruntz stands at the edge of the water, below the stairs near the '?' switch, the other gruntz steps on the '?' switch
  • When the '?' switch is activated, a bridge will appear;  follow it up and when it starts down, step off onto the ledge by the pressure platez - WAIT - when the bridge starts appearing again, walk up and along it until you can get to the ledge by the green teleporter - WAIT - wait until the ledge appears just above the green teleporter and walk to it diagonally.  Pick up the two coins, and enter the green teleporter
  • one gruntz stands on green switch
  • other gruntz walks through the slime to pick up the warpstone
  • warpstone gruntz brings warpstone to king

Survivors  3
Deaths 0
Toolz  7
Toyz 0
Powerups 0
Coins  4
Secretz  2

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Last modified: May 31, 2005

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