Act III, part 2

Escape from Monkey Island, Act III

Go to the First Church of LeChuck. Once you are inside, use the banana picker to take the small shields above the doors.  Talk to Father Allegro Rasputin.

Ask to take a ride on the Lava Plunge.

Click on the logs in the lava to move your boat.  Steer your boat so that when you go by the milk bottle, you can use the banana picker to pick it up.

Steer your boat to the puddle and push the tree to create a bridge over the lava.

 Use the weed whipper on the weeds.

Go to the Monkey Village and talk to the monkeys. Talk to JoJo, Jr. about Monkey Kombat.

Give the small shields to the monkey with the accordian. Pick up the accordian.

Go back to Hermanís camp and talk to him. Pick up the coconut, and throw it at Herman, then talk to him and ask what he can remember.

Throw the milk bottle at Herman, and then ask him what he can remember. Throw the accordian at Herman, and then ask him again what he can remember.

Herman gets his memory back.

He tells you his tale of how he got to Monkey Island.

He will give you the gubernatorial symbol.

On to the final part of Act III .. .

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