Act III, part 3

Escape from Monkey Island, Act III

Go back to the Monkey Village. Fight with the monkeys in the forest to learn the Monkey Kombat moves.

  Battle the Timid Monkey, Smelly Monkey, Strapping Monkey and Brawny Monkey.  Write down how to make each move and which moves defeat which.

After beating the Brawny Monkey, go and challenge JoJo, Jr.

Battle JoJo, Jr. until you defeat him.

When you win, you will receive the Bronze Hat.

Go to the Giant Monkey Head.

Put the Bronze Hat on his head.

Use the banana picker on the monkey’s nose, and enter the head.

Use the gubernatorial symbol on the slot.

The Giant Monkey Head coming to life!


Herman and a few friends help out.....

On to Act III+ ....

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