Part I

Part 1


The Demise of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck

Get out of the Cannon room.

Talk to Bloodnose the pirate (Wally) and keep talking until he starts to cry.
Pick up Wally’s hook.
Pick up the pole on the far wall.

Use the cannon and sink all the pirate ships.

Look out the window.
Attach the hook to the pole to make a gaff.
For fun, use the gaff on Murray, the talking skull.
Use the gaff to pick up the sword/skeleton arm.

Go back into the ship.
Use the sword on the cannon restraint rope.
Use the cannon to escape into the treasure hold.

LeChuck and the Flaming Voodoo Cannon Ball!!!!

Get out of the treasure hold.
Pick up the bag of nickels.
Pick up the diamond ring.
Use the diamond ring on the porthold to escape.

Guybrush floating to safety

Guybrush gives the diamond ring to Elaine.

Wally tells them that the ring is cursed!

Elaine turns into a gold statue.

What will Guybrush do?

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