Part II

Part II

The Curse Gets Worse

Walk to the right, pick up the ember.
Walk down the path to the shipwreck.

Talk to Murray.

Enter the shipwreck.
Pick up the pin in the doll on the floor.
Use the bag of nickels with the gum machine; take the gum.
Mega-Monkey -- pick up the paste.
Pull the alligator tongue.

Talk to the Voodoo Priestess and find out how to save Elaine by replacing the ring.
There is an uncursed ring on Blood Island.  To get there you need a ship, a map and a crew.
Leave the shipwreck.

OH NO!!!!

Elaine’s been kidnapped!!

Go into town, Puerto Pollo.

Stop and talk to Lenny, the kid selling lemonade.

Continue walking to the right.
For fun, talk to the walk-thru speaker.
Pick up the flyer that is posted on the corner.
Walk into the chicken shop and talk to Blondebeard. He won’t serve you unless you have a reservation.
Continue to walk to the right towards the theater and enter the side door.

Look at the jacket hanging by the door.
Look at the dandruff and pick it up.
Pick up the glove.
Mega-Monkey -- look at the pocket, then pick up the glove.
Pick up the magic wand on the dresser and use it on the hat.
Pick up the ventriloquism book.

Walk upstairs and look at the lighting controls.

Walk downstairs and to the right onto the stage.
Talk to the actors, Slappy Cromwell and Hideous Pirate.
Slappy’s agent knows how to get to Blood Island and can be found at the Brimstone Beach Club.
Walk left to exit the stage, and exit the theater.

Walk to the right and down the stairs to the Barbery Coast Barbershop. Edward Van Helgen will join your crew if you beat him in a duel. For fun, ask Edward if you can audition for the Barbershop Quartet.

Pick up the jawbreaker on the floor near Haggis.
Mega-Monkey -- Cutthroat Bill is eating the jawbreaker.  If you push him a few times, he will spit it out.

To talk to Haggis, you need to get Captain Rottingham to leave. When Haggis sets the comb down, put the lice on it and he will throw Rottingham out of the shop.
Talk to Haggis and he will tell you that for him to join you have to beat him in the caber toss.

Sit in the chair then use the chair lever to raise the chair.
Pick up the paperweight.
Haggis will leave to find another paperweight.

Continue to use the chair lever until you can reach the scissors.
Pick up the scissors.
Tell Haggis that you decided not to get a haircut.

Cutthroat Bill will join your crew if you show him something of value.

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