Part V

Part V

Kiss of the Spider Monkey

Talk to LeChuck.

When he leaves, open the door and walk to the right.

Talk to Dinghy Dog, and have him guess your age.
Take the anchor as your prize.

Walk to the left, to the Rat.
Put an anchor in the pie.
MegaMonkey -- use the shaving cream in the pan and put the anchor in the pie.
Get the Rat to fire the cannon.

Walk to the gate and open it.
Examine the hole.
Talk to the Rat and get him to fire the cannon again.
Pick up the meringue.

Go back to Dinghy Dog and push him a couple of times.
Pick up the dog hair.

Walk to the right to the snowcone stand.
Pick up the peppermill.
Get a plain snowcone.

Put the dog hair, the meringue and the peppermill on the snowcone.
Eat the disgusting snowcone.

.... growing  ....

You’re regular size again.

Walk towards the roller coaster.

On to Park VI, to save Elaine.....

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