Part VI

Part VI

Guybrush Kicks Butt Once Again

At the first stop, pick up the rope.

At the second stop, pick up the oil.
MegaMonkey -- open the lantern, blow out the lamp and pick up the oil.

At the third stop, pick up the keg of rum.

At the last stop, walk up the path to the Ice Monkey.

Put the keg of rum in the Ice Monkey’s arm.
Use the rope on the keg of rum.

Walk back down and wait for LeChuck to arrive.
Have the peppermill selected and ready to use.  When LeChuck arrives, use the peppermill on him.

LeChuck meets his doom.....

Guybrush and Elaine get married.

True Love at Last!

...sailing off into the sunset....

LeChuck is buried beneath the Carnival....but is he really dead?

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