Part IV

Part IV

The Bartender, The Thieves, his Aunt and her Lover

Take the bottle of shaving cream that is in the sand.
Walk to the left and enter the hotel.

Talk to Madame Zima, the fortune teller.
Keep talking to her until she deals you 5 death cards.
Pick up the five cards.

Go to the bar.
Talk to Goodsoup, the bartender.
Pick up the recipe book, the brochures and the seat cushion.
Read the recipe book for a hangover cure.
You need to find the hair of the dog that bit you, pepper and an egg.

Leave the hotel.

Walk left and to the back and enter the graveyard.

Walk through the graveyard until you find the dog.
Pick up some hair from the dog.
Pick up the dog treats and feed them to the dog, he will bite you.
MegaMonkey -- feed him the rest of the biscuit from the chicken shop and he will bite you.
Pick up the mallet and chisel.

Leave the graveyard and go to the windmill.
At the bottom of the windmill is a pepper plant.
Pick up some pepper.
Leave the windmill, go to the beach.

There is an egg in the rubber tree on the beach.
Put the cushion on the ground under the tree.
Use the mallet on the tree and the egg will fall.
Pick up the egg.
Leave the beach and go back to the hotel.

Give Goodsoup the pepper, the dog hair and the egg.
He will make Head-B-Clear.
Talk to Goodsoup>
Get a drink from him, with an umbrella.
Pick up the umbrella.

Pick up the tip jar.

Put the Head-B-Clear in the drink.

Drink the drink and you will die.

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