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You wake up in a crypt.

The End???

Use the chisel to get out of the coffin.
Pick up the coffin nails.

Use the chisel on the center coffin.
Talk to Stan.

Go back to the hotel.
Go through the door at the far end of the bar by the blinking neon light.
Pick up the magnet from the refrigerator.
Use the chisel on the cheese, pick up the chunk of cheese.

Walk upstairs.
Enter the door on the left.
Use the mallet on the nail in the wall.
Exit the room and pick up the nail.

MegaMonkey -- pick up the portrait, use the scissors on the portrait, go back downstairs and use the cutout portrait on the mirror so that you can pick up the mirror.
Pick up the mirror.

Go upstairs to the door on the right.
MegaMonkey -- the door is locked;  use Stanís business card to open it.
Pull the bed down.
Use the coffin nails on the bed.
Use the portrait nail on the bed.
Pick up the book, the Goodsoup Family History.

MegaMonkey -- put the portrait that you cut out the face from on the door on the left, then go inside the room and look thru the window in the door, so that Goodsoup will see you.

Go downstairs.
Talk to Goodsoup and he will accept you as part of the family.

Return to the graveyard.

Talk to Stan.
Purchase life insurance from Stan.
Leave the graveyard.

Get a drink from Goodsoup.
Put Head-B-Clear in the drink.
Drink the drink and die.

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