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Leave the hote, go to the Strange Lights on the Hill.
On the feast table, pick up the tofu block.
Pick up the auger and the measuring cup.

Walk right and talk to Lemonhead, the village leader.

Walk back to the village.
Use the chisel on the tofu block.
Put on the tofu mask on.
Go talk to Lemonhead again and join the ceremony.

After the ceremony, throw the cheese chunk into the volcano.
Leave the village.

A lactose-intolerant volcano!

An unhappy lactose-intolerant volcano!

Go back to the shipwreck.
Talk to Haggis.
Try to take the hand lotion.

Go back to the hotel
On the porch, put the cheese on the BBQ.

Pick up the cheese and bring it to Haggis.
Pick up the hand lotion.

Go to the windmill.
Enter the windmill, go to the top.
MegaMonkey -- use the umbrella to grab onto the windmill blades.
Fill the tip jar with sugar water from the barrel.

Go to the clearing where Elaine is.
Use the lotion on her finger to remove the cursed ring.

Put the tip jar with the water on the stump; it will fill with fireflies.
Use the chisel with the tip jar lid to make holes in it.
Put the lid on the tip jar.

Go to the lighthouse.
MegaMonkey -- replace the mirror.
Put the jar of fireflies on the stand.
Leave the lighthouse, go to the beach.

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