Part IV, pg 3

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You wake up in the Goodsoup Family Crypt.

If you look thru the crack in the wall.....back in MI2!!

Walk to the left.
Talk to the skeleton bride.

Walk to the left.
Pick up the crowbar.
Talk to Murray.
Pick up Murray.

Look through the crack in the wall.
Talk to Mort.

Use the skeleton arm on the lantern, then use Murray with the lantern.
MegaMonkey -- use the paste on the skeleton arm, then use Murray with the lantern.
Leave the crypt, go back to the hotel.

Go back to the room by the blinking neon light.
Pick up the death certificate from the file cabinet.

Go upstairs to the room with the skeleton in the bed.
Use the crowbar on the boarded-up hole in the wall.
Use the crowbar on the bed.

Reunited at last!

True Love!

You find yourself back in the crypt.
Pick up the wedding band.
Leave the crypt go to Stanís office.

Give Stan your death certificate.
Pick up the money.

LeChuckís not happy......

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