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Exit the barbershop and walk back towards the lemonade stand.
Walk down the path between the lemonade stand and the chicken shop.
Use the scissors on the flower and pick up the Ipecac flower.
Use the scissors on the bushes.

You will clear the path.
Walk down it and you’ll find yourself on a cliff.

You will quickly get eaten by a snake.
Pick up everything you can find inside the snake.
Combine the Ipecac flower with the pancake syrup.
Use the Ipecac syrup on the snake’s head.
You will be spit out and find yourself in quicksand.

Pick up a thorn from the thorny bush.
Pick up a reed from the reeds.
Combine the thorn and the reed to make a peashooter.

Combine the balloon with the paperweight.
Blow on the balloon and wait for it to get positioned correctly.
Use the peashooter on the balloon to get out of the quicksand.

Now you are at Danjer Cove.
There is a ship in the cove and a row boat on shore.
MegaMonkey -- the row boat has a hole in it.

Walk right and go back to the chicken shop.
Talk to Blondebeard and give him your reservation slip.
Take a biscuit and eat it; then take another biscuit.
MegaMonkey -- the biscuit contains maggots.

Walk over to the quiet patron and push him.
Pick up the knife in his back.
Pick up the Brimstone Beach membership card.
MegaMonkey -- put the maggots on the chicken, the membership card is inside.
MegaMonkey -- pick up the pan and the biscuit cutter.

Now you need to get the gold tooth and leave the shop.
Give the jawbreaker to Blondebeard.  Give the gum to Blondebeard. Use the pin on the gum bubble. Pick up the tooth and leave the shop.
MegaMonkey -- chew some gum, put the tooth in the gum, inhale helium from the balloon, chew the gum/tooth. You will blow a helium bubble with the tooth inside it. It will float out thru the window.  After you leave the shop, use the pan on the mud puddle to get the tooth back.

Walk to the right, past the Barbery Coast Barbershop and to to the Brimstone Beach Club..
Talk to the cabana boy.
Give him the Brimstone Beach membership card.

Pick up three towels.
Use the towels in the ice bucket.
Use the towels on the cabana boy.
Pick up the oil.

Walk to the right and try to cross the sand.
Use the wet towels on the sand and walk across it.

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