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Talk to the sunbather, Palido.
Pick up his mug and leave via the gate.

Go to the lemonade stand.
Switch the mug you have with the bottomless mug.
Ask Kenny for a glass of lemonade and pick up the pitcher.
Walk to the right and use the pitcher on the red dye vats.

Go back to the beach.
Give the bottomless mug to Palido.
Pour red dye into his mug.
He will think he is sunburned and turn over.

Use the oil on his back.
Pick up the map from his back.

Go back to the barbershop and use the glove on Edward.
At the field of honor, instead of picking up a gun, close the middle case and pick the case in the back, so you can duel wtih banjos.

Edward will play a tune on his banjo and when he pauses to play the last string, remember which one he played.

When it is your turn, you must play the same last string that Edward did.
You will have to do this about 4 or 5 times.

Finally, Edward will start playing like crazy and will not stop. Walk to the gun pile, pick up a gun and shoot his banjo.
You’ve won the duel and he will join your crew.

Go back to the Barbery Coast Barbershop and give the gold tooth to Cutthroat Bill.  He will agree to join your crew.

Go back to the area where the banjo duel took place.
MegaMonkey -- use the biscuit cutter on the rubber tree and pick up the plug.
Walk to the grassy knoll.  Use the knife on the leg of the saw horse and use the ember on the trail of rum.

Go back to the Barbery Coast Barbershop and agree to the caber toss with Haggis. You will beat him and he agrees to join your crew.

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