Kryten is a mechanoid who was rescued from the crashed spaceship Nova 5.

He is a series 4000 mech, created by Diva Droid International.

He has a handy groinal attachment.

His head is referred to as: 

a Giant Half-Chewed Rubber-Tipped Pencil
Novelty Condom Head
Wig Stand Head
Meat Tenderizer Head
Half-Eaten Lollipop Head
an Amusing Ice Cube Shaped Head
a Head Shaped like a Genetically Flawed Lumpfish
Freak Face
Eraser Head
Captain Bog-Bot
Commander U-Bend
Butterpat Head
Hermann Munster’s Stunt Double
a Rubber Headed Enuch
an Inexplicably Popular Fishing Float
a Freak Formation of Mashed Potatoes
Swapped Heads with a Damaged Crash Dummy
a Demented Tonka Toy

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