Arnold Rimmer

Arnold Judas Rimmer Facts

He is the youngest of four brothers.

His "friends" at school nicknamed him Bonehead.

Rimmer’s father forced his sons to pursue a career in the Space Corps, something he couldn’t achieve due to being 1 inch below regulation height. Using a rack, all his sons were stretched regularly, until the point where Rimmer’s brother Frank was 6ft 5in at the age of eleven.

He was employed aboard Red Dwarf as Third Technician, and was promoted to Second Technician.

His awards include:  bronze and silver swimming certificates, Three Years Long Service, Six Years Long Service, Nine Years Long Service and Twelve Years Long Service.

He has failed his Engineering exam eleven times, and his Astro-Navigation exam thirteen times.

His hobbies include: playing the Hammond Organ, especially the Reggie Wilson "classics", twentieth-century telegraph poles, Morris dancing and playing the board game Risk.

He is characterized by the large metal "H" on his head to symbolize his hologrammatic state, his tidy hair, and a snide sneer.

He was born on Io, one of Jupiters moons.

He is a class one hologram, sustained by a mobile light bee.

In a previous incarnation, he was Alexander the Great's chief enuch.

He is the youngest of four children, and his three older brothers are named: John, Frank, Howard.

At the age of 14, he divorced his parents.

At the age of 16, he attended Saturn Tech, and took a maintenance course.

He was updated to hard-light hologram by Legion.

His crewmates sometimes refer to him as:

Goal Post Head
Alphabet Head
Dinosaur Breath
Molecule Mind
Captain Sadness
Grand Canyon Nostrils
TransAm Wheel Arch Nostrils
Toilet Brush Hair
Laundry Chute Nostrils

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