Dave Lister

David Lister Facts

He is the last male human alive, because he was safely sealed in the stasis room of Red Dwarf when there was a radiation leak that caused the deaths of the entire crew. He was revived 3 million years later by the onboard computer, Holly, after the radiation had dispersed.

At the age of 6 weeks, he was left in a box labeled, Ouroborus, under a pool table in a pub in Liverpool.

He attended art school, but left after 97 minutes, when he realized that he was required to attend lectures starting first thing in the afternoon.

At age 19 he joined a band called Smeg and the Heads, whose greatest composition was a song called "Omm".

He spent ten years working as a trolley attendant at a local supermarket.

He joined the Space Corps and was assigned to the Jupiter Mining Corporation vessel Red Dwarf as Third Technician.

His major responsibility is maintaining the ship’s vending machines.

He loves playing his guitar (and thinks he’s a diva).

He lives on a diet of lager, curry, and pompadoms.

He was put into stasis for smuggling a unquarantined cat onto the Red Dwarf.

His dream is to marry Kristine Kochanski, have two sons, Jim and Bexley, live on a farm in Fiji, and open a chain of Hot Dog and Doughnut Diners.

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