Act 1, part 5

Escape from Monkey Island, Act I

Go back to town, to the Palace of Prosthesis and use the home-made perfume on Dave. He will say that the odor belongs to some random name, which is Pete’s alias.

 Now you have to use the Back Office Automatic File-O-Matic Filing System to get the directions to Pete’s house.

It is always 3 names, and you use the first letter of each name to find the record in the machine. Each picture refers to a different range of letters:  Bunny: A-D, Tree: E-H, Pumpkin:  I-M, Monkey:  N-S, Banana:  T-Z.  Adjust the machine to display the correct images for the name that Dave told you.

Pick up the file record that is retrieved, to get the directions to Pete’s house.

Before you leave, ask Dave about a prosthetic hand. Use the music box on him to distract him, while you take the hand from the basket by the door.

Go down by the docks and talk to the two pirates that are playing chess.  Keep talking to the portly pirate until he mentions Britney, then distract him.  When the two pirates start arguing with each other, take the timer clock.

Go to the Mystes O’Tyme Marsh. Use the timer clock on the raft and the clock will show the time. 

Use the clock and the directions from Dave’s file to direct the raft to Pete’s shack.

When you get to the gate, another Guybrush will show up. Be sure to write down everything he says and does and the order in which he gives you things.  He will give you a key, a gun, a rope and a chicken with a pulley in the middle.  Be sure to ask him to prove that he really is Guybrush and he will tell you a number; remember it. Use the key to open the gate and continue on.

When you reach the gate again, you will be on the other side.  Give the stuff to Guybrush in the same order that he gave it to you, and say the same things he said. Then continue on, following the directions on the clock.

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