Act 1, part 6

Escape from Monkey Island, Act I

Continue on until you reach Pete’s shack. Walk towards the shack and you will hear Pete and Ozzie talking.

After Ozzie leaves, use the chicken grease on the doormat, and then throw the duck through the window.

Pete will run out and fall into the trap.

You will deliver Pete to Inspector Canard, but you still have to find the heirlooms.

Go back to the Bait Shoppe.  Use the prosthetic hand on the termite circus to pick up the termites.  Pick up some more free bait, and put it in the scupperware.

Go back to the Mansion.  Use the cologne on one of Ozzie’s animals. Ozzie will get mad, break his stick, and leave.

Go back to the House O’Sticks. Use the termites on Ozzie’s stick.   After Ozzie picks up his new walking stick, go back to the Mansion and tell him that you know about him and Pete.

When he leaves, follow him to his hideout in the Secret Lagoon.

After he leaves the island, walk around to the back and go down into the hidden passage.

Look around and press the button.  You’ve found the heirlooms, but how do you get to them?

Walk back out of the passage and enter the Deep Water.  Use the scupperware on the glowing fish, and enter the passage.

Pick up the heirlooms and the small screw. Exit the passage, go back to the island, and go back to town.

Go to the Hall O’Justice and show the heirlooms to Inspector Canard. Give the small screw to Inspector Canard.

You’ve proven your innocence, and get the voodoo anklet removed.



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