Act I, part 3

Escape from Monkey Island, Act I

  The Lucre Island Map

Go to the Law Offices of WTD.  They will give you a letter, be sure to read it.

Go to the Lucre Bank.  Pick up the Scupperware from the counter.  Talk to the girl, and tell her that you want to get into your safe deposit box.

Held up, by....Guybrush????

And trapped in the vault.

Pick up the handkerchief, the three sponges, and the sword.  Look in the safe deposit box and take the music box and the bottle of grog.  Use the sword with the bottom hinge of the door.  Use the broken sword with the crack in the door. Use the three sponges with the sword in the crack. Use the grog with the sponges-sword-crack combination.

You’re out of the vault, and arrested by Inspector Canard for robbing the bank.  Until you can prove your innocence, you have to wear the Voodoo Anklet of Extreme Mischief. To prove you are innocent, you need: the perpetrator, proof that he was at the scene, and proof that he committed the crime.
Pick up the can of chicken grease before you leave.

Go to Scents and Sensibilities and talk to Hugo. Pick up an empty spritzer bottle and pick up a bottle of the cologne, Ode la Chuck.

Go to the House O’Sticks and talk to Freddie. Pick up some wood shavings.  Use the wood shavings with the perfume spritzer.

Go to the Bait Shoppe and talk to the Salty Old Cur. Pick up some free bait.  Use the free bait on the perfume spritzer.  Pick up the duck that’s outside the shop.

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