Act I, part 2

Escape from Monkey Island, Act I

You can visit Meathookís house, but he wonít let you in.

Outside City Hall, talk to Carla and Otis. They will join your crew if you can get them cushy government jobs.

Go to the Governorís Mansion.
Use the popped inner tube on the funny-looking cactus that is next to the Mansion.

Give the bowl of jerky pretzels to the catapult operator.

When the catapult operator walks away for his snack break, tinker with the catapult controls. When he comes back, he will aim the catapult at the cactus to re-align it, and will get rid of your catapult problem.

Go inside the Governorís Mansion.  Pick up the cushy government job contract from the table to the right of the stairs. Show the contract to Elaine and she will sign it. Tell her that you donít have the authority to get a ship, and she will give you the gubernatorial symbol.

Go back to City Hall and give the cushy government job contract to Carla and Otis.  Now you have a crew.

Go back to the Harbor and show the gubernatorial symbol to the Harbor Mistress.  She gives you a ship ---- The Dainty Lady!

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