Act I, part 4

Escape from Monkey Island, Act I

Go to the Fountain in town and talk to Britney. Use the perfume spritzer on the fountain.

Go to back to the Bank;  next to it is a manhole cover. Use the broken sword on the manhole cover and pick it up. Look at the manhole cover and you will find three names; write them down for later.

Go to the Palace of Prosthesis and talk with Deadeye Dave. Tell him you want a free prosthesis and he will tell you a story. Use the three names from the manhole cover to fill in the missing names in Dave’s story. He will give you a prosthetic skin.

Go back to the Bank. Use the prosthetic skin on the manhole.  Use the manhole to jump into the bank window.

Climb down the ladder and use the pullchain to turn on the lights. Look at the weird shadow on the wall. Walk up to the shadow and look at it closely, and you will find Pete’s nose.

Leave town, and go to the Foreboding Mansion. Pick up the flower just outside the mansion and use it on the perfume spritzer.

Go to the Mystes O’Tyme Marsh. Use the perfume spritzer on the puddle.  You now have homemade perfume in the perfume spritzer.

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