Brandon's Forest

General Hints and Suggestions:
As with most quest-type games, you should always click on someone or something until you get the same response; this will make sure that you haven't missed some meaningful dialogue or a needed hint.
Save. Always save before doing anything or using anything which might be irreversible. This always gives you the ability to experiment with items, sometimes with quite unexpected and interesting results.

Just for fun, after saving, try doing something that's obviously wrong, or give something to someone, just to see what happens. My favorites are crossing the bridge before it is repaired, getting bitten by the ruby tree snake, or crossing the lava river.

The game is basically linear; you must solve each puzzle in sequence before the next is presented. Also, there are some puzzles that cannot be 'solved' until you have completed something else.

Some items in the game are randomly placed, and vary from game to game. Therefore, even though this walkthrough may tell you to find a certain item, it may not be possible to indicate exactly where it will be found. In this case, it will be necessary to wander around to find what you need. This is particularly true of the gems needed in the first part of the game. There are a total of 12 stones (Diamond, Peridot, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Opal, Pearl, Topaz, Onyx, Sunstone), which may or may not be needed to complete the Birthstone Quest. You will actually need three of them to complete the quest, but the exact gems needed changes with each game. You will also need some of these gems to make potions.

OK, enough chit-chat....let's get to the game!

Part One
Brandon's Treehouse and the surrounding forest
Fix the Forest Altar to get the amulet
Collect any gems you find
Exit Brandon's forest and cross the bridge to the Timbermist Woods
Map of Brandon's Treehouse/Forest

The opening sequence explains Malcolm's escape, and shows his careless disregard for nature. He then visits Kallak in the Treehouse, and turns him to stone. You control the character of Brandon, Kallak's grandson, and must find a way to repair the damage that Malcolm has done to Kyrandia and the Kyragem.

in the Treehouse,
take the red gem (garnet), and the note
from under the table, take the saw
click on the big pot to get the apple
leave the treehouse

walk right two screens to the Pool of Sorrow
click on the Pool to get the teardrop
walk right one screen
a leaf will fall and turn into a green gem
take the green gem (peridot)

walk up one screen, right one screen to the Forest Altar
take one Lavender Rose
walk right one screen, and you may find a purple gem
if it isn't here, you will find it while walking
take the purple gem (amethyst)

walk left two screens
down one screen
left four screens to the Willow Tree
place the teardrop in the indent in the Willow Tree

talk to Merith
follow Merith to the right four screens, up one screen
take the marble
walk down three screens to Cavernous Entrance
walk left to the Cave
talk to Hermann
give Hermann the saw

***Fun thing to do***
try to cross the bridge before it's fixed
you will fall and die
reload your saved game

walk right one screen
up two screens
left five screens
up one screen to the Temple of Kyrandia

talk to Brynn
give the note to Brynn to read
she will tell you how to obtain the amulet
give the Lavender Rose to Brynn
it will change to a Silver Rose
take the Silver Rose

walk down one screen
right five screens
up one screen
right one screen to the Forest Altar
place the marble on the altar
place the Silver Rose on the altar
You now have the Amulet

walk left one screen
down three screens
left one screen to enter the Cave
cross the bridge to enter the Timbermist Woods

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