Towne of Highmoon

Part Three
Location: Towne of Highmoon
Free Marko from jail
Secure passage to Volcania
Find more pages for your spellbook
Exit the Towne of Highmoon and get to Volcania
Map of Morningmist Valley/Highmoon

Take the stick from the seahorse fountain's mouth.

Walk up 1 screen to the Mustard store.
The proprietor is in a trance.
Look at the map on the wall.
Walk up one screen to the Alley.

The tavern door is locked.
Click on the seven colored lamps to the left of the tavern entrance.
Use the same sequence that you used with the fire flies.
Enter the tavern.

Take the mug.
Fill it with root beer from the keg.
Zanthia can drink root beer, if you want to hear her burp.
Talk to the tavern patrons.
You can't leave until you've recited a poem.
Wait your turn then click on the podium.
Leave the tavern.
Walk one screen down, walking by the octopus.

Walk right across the rope bridge.
Pick up the parchment and place it in your spell book.
Take the empty flask.
Take the the orange peel and wrapper.
Notice that the sheriff is in a trance.
Now look at your spell book.

Walk right, along the long dock to the Mustard barge.
The captain is in a trance.

Walk one screen left.
Walk right on the upper path to the Gorge.
Take some mud.
Use the mud to get an impression of the rabbit's foot.
Mix vinegar and rootbeer in the bowl to get sweet/sour sauce.
Put the reptile tears, sweet/sour sauce, footprint,
and lucky horseshoe in the cauldron.
You have a purple potion.
It must be activated at the Altar of Doubt.

Walk to the right, up the path.
Reach for the rope with the stick.
Walk to the right.

Place a flask of the potion on the altar.
Repeat, so that you have two potions.
Walk to the left, and use the stick to cross the gorge.
Walk left, back to the jail.
Use the potion on the sheriff.

Enter the jail.
Marko is locked in a cell.
He tells you to find a magnet to get the key out of the water.
To make a magnet, return to the water wheel.
Walk down 1 screen, left 3 screens, down 1 screen, left 1 screen to the water wheel

Click one of the upside down 'U' horseshoes
on the electricity to make a magnet.
Walk right 1 screen, up 1 screen, right 3 screens to the dock.
Use the magnet to get the key out of the water.
Keep the magnet.
Re-enter the jail.

Try to use the key on the lock of Marko's jail.
The sheriff will throw the key out the window,
and it gets swallowed by a fish.
Click around in the hay in the cell until you find a rope.
Get a hook from Marko.
Combine the rope and hook to make a fishing line.
Click the fishing line on the window.
Use the key to open your cell and Marko's.
Walk left 1 screen to the Mustard store.
Click the second skeptic potion on the store owner.
You need three gold coins to get on on the Mustard barge.

Walk left 1 screen, up 1 screen to the tavern.
Click on the scarecrow a couple of times.
One of the pirates gets hit and a gold tooth falls out.
Turn it to lead using the alchemist's magnet.
Pick up the lead tooth.
Leave the tavern.
Turn the tooth back to gold with the alchemist's magnet.

Drop a lucky horseshoe on the ground near the middle shell.
Then give the octopus the gold tooth. When the octopus stops, pick the middle shell.
Play again by giving the octopus one of the gold teeth.
Pick the middle shell again.
You now have three gold teeth.
Pick up the lucky horseshoe.

Walk down 2 screens, left 2 screens, down 1 screen, left 1 screen to the waterwheel.
Place each gold tooth under the pounder to make a coin.
Walk right 1 screen, up 1 screen, right 2 screens, up 1 screen to the Mustard store.
Give the three coins to the store owner.
You now have a ticket for the Mustard barge.

The captain of the Mustard barge is in a trance.
Walk right 4 screens to the Altar of Doubt.
Place a flask filled with the purple potion on the altar.
Walk left 3 screens, right 1 screen to the Mustard barge.
Give the skeptic potion to the captain.

Give the captain your ticket.
You have to change the ship's course to get to Volcania.
Put your magnet in the coil of rope next to the wheel.

On to Volcania!

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