Morningmist Valley

Part Two
Location: Morningmist Valley
Find a body for the ghost
Retrieve the alchemist's magnet
Fix the waterwheel
Exit Morningmist Valley and enter Highmoon
Map of Morningmist Valley/Highmoon

You land in a Haystack.
Take the letter.
Search the haystack for an empty flask.
Take some grain stalks.

A second change of clothes

Walk one screen right to the City Gate.
The guards won't let you in.
Walk left 1 screen to the meadow.

Talk to the ghost who wants a body.
Put the ghost in a empty flask.

Walk one screen left to the Farmhouse.
Give the letter to the Farmer Greenberry.
He will tell you his recipe for mustard,
and that the guards like sandwiches.
Check your spell book for a sandwich spell.

Walk one screen down to the Garden.
Take the alchemist's magnet.
Click the ghost in the flask on the scarecrow.
Walk left 1 screen to the Farmhouse.

Take the baby dragons bowl.
Take the vinegar.

Walk one screen left to the Water Wheel.
Operate the wheel to open the valve.
Take the stick wedged in the wheel.
Now the grinder is working.

*** FUN THING TO DO *****
Save your game first!!!!!!
Have Zanthia touch the electricity being created.
Zanthia will die.
Restore your game.

Walk right 2 screens to the garden.
Click on the hose to water the garden.
Pick a lettuce and pull up some radishes.

Walk left 1 screen to the Farmhouse.
Enter the Cellar.
Take the scissors and four horseshoes.

Walk up 2 screensto the Meadow
Clip the sheep with the scissors.
Take the wool.
Then milk the sheep with an empty flask.
Walk down 1 screens to the Cellar
Put milk in the cheese maker
Operate the long wooden handle on the cheese maker.
Take the cheese.
Now you have to make the mustard.

Return to the Water Wheel.
Grind the grain under the pounder
Put the grain in the bowl.
Put the ground grain in the cauldron.
Grind the radishes under the pounder
Put the ground radish in the bowl.
Add the vinegar.
Put the mustard in the cauldron.
Put the cheese and lettuce in the cauldron.
Fill the empty flask with the orange potion.
Click the flask on Zanthia to make the sandwich.
Walk right 1 screen to the farmhouse.

Collect some dragon tears.
The dragon will cry if you give him his bowl
back then take it away again.
Return to the City Gate.

Click the sandwich on the guards.
Enter the City Gate.

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