Part Four
Location: Volcania
Find the Anchor Chamber
Retrieve another spellbook page
Exit Volcania and enter the Petrified Forest
Map of Volcania
Map of Lava Cavern

What a landing!

..Hmmmmm...maybe something more practical

Another change of outfits.
Pick up the familiar stick lying on the shore.

Walk right until you find an elderly couple.
They'll tell you that you need to buy a map to the center of the world.
Actually, you will end up needing:
six sand dollars for the map,
six starfish for the anchorstone registration,
and six seashells for the insurance.
Walk around the island until you find everything you need.

Chat with Jessica when you see her.

Ignore the official looking man sitting at a desk,
unless you want to be held up on the surface of Volcania a long time.

Ignore the smarmy guy on the couch.

Return to the elderly couple and pay for the map,
the registration, and the insurance.

Once you have paid for everything, they will tell
you to jump down one of the hot air vents.
Make sure you have two rocks in your inventory before you jump.
You land in the Lava Cavern.


Another change of clothes!!!
Pick up the two rocks.
Walk left and pick up the flask.
Walk to the right and pick up the stick.

Walk right, and over the green bridge.
Start climbing the green steps,
stopping to pick up the lead heart.
Turn the lead into gold using the alchemist's magnet.

Throw the stick to the baby dinosaur.
Do it again.
Walk to the hot air geyser and pick up some black pebbles.
Pick up the third rock.

Return to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Take some crystal fuzz from the palm leaves.
Put the black pebbles, crystal fuzz, and gold heart in the cauldron.
Fill the empty flask with the blue potion and click the flask on Zanthia.
Now you have a teddy bear.

Now climb on the T Rex.
After your ride, you have a red rag.
Walk left to the the anchor door room.

Leave and return to the room,
until the dinosaur is facing the anchor door.
Pick up the fourth rock and go the anchor door.
Use the red rag on the dinosaur.

The real problem is with the Wheels of Fate.
Pick up the parchment and put it in your spell book.
Talk to Marko and Jessica.
Now you've got to get out of here.

Put a rock over the vent in the anchor room.
Walk right and put a rock on the vent by the green bridge.
Place a rock on the vent next to the green steps.
Return to the screen with the anchor door.

Place the last rock on the vent near the bubbling lava.
Stand on the rock on top of the bubbling lava.

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