Petrified Forest

Part Five
Location: Petrified Forest

Exit the Petrified Forest and enter Alpinia
Map of the Petrified Forest

Another change of clothes.

Pick up the flask.
Pick up the pinecone.

Walk left and meet the guard.
He won't let you cross the bridge.
Pick up some snow, the twigs and moss.
Pick up the rolling stone and return to the flint rock.
Make charcoal by placing the twigs near the flint and clicking the rolling stone on the flint.
Place the snow, moss and charcoal in the cauldron.
Fill the empty flask with the potion.

Return to the guard.
Click the potion on the guard.
The guard will leave.
Pick up the walnut from the hollow at the end of the bridge.

Walk over to the dented statue.
Brighten up the statue by using the alchemist's magnet.
Take the drum and jacks out of the box.
Take the acorn.
Throw the jacks to the people being chased by the foot.
Return to the trees and place the drum on the stump.

Walk past the trees to the tram.
Talk to the squirrel.
You can't get the squirrel to operate the tram for you,
and he won't let you operate it.

Give the pinecone, walnut and acorn to the squirrel.
Put the rolling stone in the treadwheel.

Click on one the tram cars and
Zanthia will climb in the next one.
Wave to Marko as he goes by

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