Kyrandia II - the Hand of Fate

General Hints and Suggestions:
As with most quest-type games, you should always click on someone or something until you get the same response; this will make sure that you haven't missed some meaningful dialogue or a needed hint.
Save. Always save before doing anything or using anything which might be irreversible. This always gives you the ability to experiment with items, sometimes with quite unexpected and interesting results.

Just for fun, after saving, try doing something that's obviously wrong, or give something to someone, just to see what happens. My favorites are trying to walk through the quicksand, or touching the electricity on the waterwheel.

The game is basically linear; you must solve each puzzle in sequence before the next is presented. Also, there are some puzzles that cannot be 'solved' until you have completed something else.

Kyrandia is disappearing piece by piece.
The Kyrandian mystics are baffled.

The Hand figures out what is wrong
and selects Zanthia to collect the solution.
A magic anchor stone from the center of the world.

Part One
Location: Darkmoor Swamps
Find Zanthia's cauldron
Find Zanthia's spellbook
Find the alchemist's magnet
Exit the Kyrandia Swamps and enter Morningmist Valley
Map of Darkmoor Swamps

Take the flask of water from under the carpet.
Take the bottle from the shelves.
Take the blueberry.
Say good-bye to Faun.

Change clothes.
Walk left to leave the house.

Click on the eyes in the swamp
Take care of the swamp monster.
Pick up the blueberry.
Walk up one screen to the Dock.

Walk left one screen to the Weed Patch.
Click on the stump to get your spell book.
Read the spell book, to find out what you
need to make potions.

Walk up one screen to the Gnarlwood Tree.
Take a piece of gnarlybark.
Take the onion.

Walk up one screen to the Ferry.
Talk to Brueth the Fairy.
He wants you to get him some gold.

Walk left one screen to the Dark Swamp.
Walk up one screen to Outside Herb's Shack.
Pour water on the fireberries, and pick some.
Keep the empty flask.

Walk up one screen to enter Herb's Shack.
Take the empty flask on Herb's desk.
Take the stool.
Take the bag of fertilizer.
Talk to Herb.
Leave Herb's Shack.

Save your game first!!!
Walk down two screens.
Walk left one screen to the Quicksand Bog.
Try to walk across the quicksand without using the tree.
You will fall into the quicksand and die.
Reload your game.

Walk down two screens.
Walk left one screen to the Quicksand Bog.
Push the tree.
Walk across the fallen tree.
Take the skeleton key.

Walk left one screen to the Lagoon.
Feed the onion to the alligator.
Take alligator tears in an empty flask.
Click on the tree with the hole in it to get your cauldron.

Walk up one screen to the Hot Sulphur Springs.
Take hot water in an empty flask.
Take the sulphur rock.

Walk down one screen.
Walk right four screens to the Natural Bridge.
Talk to the fisherman.
They want some bait.

Walk right one screen to the Cave Entrance.
Talk to Marko and assistant, the Hand.
Take the onion.
Walk right one screen to enter the cave.

Talk to the rat
He won't let you go by him.
If you make some Swampsnake potion, you can scare the rat.

Walk left 6 screens, up 1 screen to the Hot Sulpur Springs.
Take some hot water.
Put the gnarlybark, the onion, sulphur rock,
hot water, reptile tears and stool in the cauldron.
Walkd down 1 screen, right 6 screens to the cave.
Fill a flask with the green potion and click it on the rat.
Walk right to the Dark Cavern.

Click on each of the skull's teeth
Note the positions of the different colors:
Top row: Green, Purple, gap, Orange
Bottom row: Aqua, Red, Yellow, Blue
Return to the Cave Entrance
Walk down one screen to the Firefly Tree.

Save your game.
Feed the blueberries to the fruit flies.
Note the order of their flashing colors.
(This is changes from game to game.)
Keep feeding blueberries until you have the color sequence.
Be sure to write the order down.
Walk up 1 screen, right 2 screens to the Dark Cavern.

Click on the skulls teeth to make the colors
light up in the same sequence
Open the chest with the skeleton key.
Take out the alchemist's magnet and the cheese.

Walk left 3 screens to the Natural Bridge.
Give the cheese to the fishermen.

Walk left 1 screen, down 2 screens to the Weed Patch.
Free Marko by feeding the manure to the weeds.
Walk right 1 screen to the Dock.

Take the anchor
Use the alchemist's magnet on the anchor.
Walk left 1 screen, up 2 screens to the Ferry.
The ferry has been burned by the mail dragon.
The dragon will give you a ride if
you find the four letters he dropped and return them to him.

Walk left 2 screens to the Quicksand Bog.
Take the letter from the skeleton hand.
Walk left 1 screen, up 2 screen to the Hot Sulphur Springs.
Take the letter from beside the rocks.
Walk down 1 screen, right 5 screens, down 1 screen to the Firefly Tree.
Take the letter.
Walk up 1 screen, left 2 screens, down 2 screens, right 1 screen, down 1 screen, right 1 screen to Zanthia's lab.
Take the letter from the roof.
Walk left 1 screen, up 1 screen, left 1 screen, up 2 screens to the mail dragon.
Give him all four letters.

Fly to Morningmist Valley.

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