Part Six
Location: Alpinia
Objectives: Fix the Rainbow Bridge
Exit Alpinia and find the Wheels of Fate
Map of Alpinia

Landing at the Tram Station.

Another change of clothes!

Enter the Hunter's Lodge.
Pick up the flask.
Take some musk from the ox's head.
Pick up a cannon ball.
Go outside and take the feather duster.
Pick up some snow.
Use the alchemist's magnet to turn the cannonball to gold.
Give the gold cannonball to the mother.
Take the child's lollipop.
Put the snow, lollipop, musk and feather duster in the cauldron.
Fill the empty flask with the yellow potion.
Click the flask on Zanthia.

Go back into the Hunter's lodge.
And get kidnapped by the real abominable snowman.

Walk outside and you will see the hunters.
Walk back inside.
Take the flask from the rack of bottles.
Pick up the box of candy.
Take the bottle of cologne.
Get some feathers from the pillow on the couch.
Make another abominable snowman potion using the icicle, candy, cologne and feathers.

Go outside and use the potion on the hunters.
Now climb up to the path using an icicle.
Walk to the right.

The rainbow machine is broken.
You have to fix it.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
Seven colors and seven empty flasks.
Read the notice.
All the ingredients needed are in the large shelf.
All the spells are in your spell book apart from one.

You must operate the three levers to reveal all the ingredients.
Drink the hot water to get an empty flask.
Make sure you flush the cauldron between making each potion.

Color of Potion Name of Spell Ingredients Flask Position
Red Flying Red Shoes Hot Air, Feather of Snipe (Quill),Red Leather First
Orange Sandwich spell Mustard (Vinegar and Ground Radish), Ground wheat, Cheese, Lettuce Second
Yellow Abominable Snowman Snow, Musk, Feathers, Sugar (Lollipop) Third
Green Swampsnake spell Windywoof (Gnarly Bark), Smell of Eggs (Sulphur Rock), Onion, Lizard Tears (Reptile Tears), Toadstool (Furniture stool) Hot Water Fourth
Blue Teddy Bear Fuzz (Crystal Palm Fuzz), Black Pebbles, Heart of Gold (Use alchemist's magnet on Lead Heart) Fifth
Amethyst, Blueberry Sixth
Violet Skeptic potion Lucky Horseshoe, Rabbit Footprint, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Lizard Tears (Reptile Tears) Seventh

Now that the rainbow machine is working,
go outside, take an icicle from the cabin and use it
to climb up the rainbow.

The Rainbow Machine is fixed!

Walk along the Rainbow Bridge
After you meet the Hand, walk right, then down along the Rainbow Bridge.

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